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The Analytics tools in our applications help us gain a better understanding of how our users are interacting and how we should reach our goals more efficiently. On the one hand, we want to measure and see what our users are doing and, on the other hand, we want to track our marketing efforts and all advertising spending in general.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • What features are the most popular in my application?
  • Who are my active and inactive users?
  • What are the factors that drive long-term engagement and retention?
  • What are the factors that help me retain more people?
  • Which of my marketing channels is having the most impact?

With the use of some tools you will be able to know how you can have a better return on your investment, it is best that you create strategies based on data, with learning based on the successes and failures that you have had. Segmenting correctly and specifically targeting those who need it.

Analysis tools for your mobile applications

There are countless options, some for free and others for payment. Today we bring you some of the best that you can find on the market in case you want to scale your application to the next level.

Google Firebase

This is a tool that is intended for Android and IOS applications. You will not only be able to have analysis of your application. It offers you solutions to have your application without a server, you monitor your performance with the “Crashlytics”. It has many integrations with Google Ads, Data Studio, Jira and Slack Features: Ad income measurement, analysis within your applications, reports.

Apple Analytics App

A free tool to understand the analytics of your application. You can keep up to date with the performance of your application, participation, the use it is taking, marketing campaigns, subscriptions, sales and much more.

It’s available on App Store Connect, it’s included with your Developer Program subscription, and there is no complicated installation required. Main functions: Analysis of applications, sales and trends, payments and financial reports.


This is actually the app builder that helps in creating an app just by drag and drop of elements. Appstylo provides a very intuitive dashboard that you can use for optimizing your applications. This app maker provides all the app making solutions at one place.


A global analysis platform for your applications, which helps you understand your users, their intentions and make the best decisions regarding the marketing that you are carrying out for your product. You will be able to gather all the data that you consider most relevant.

You will also have protection against fraud, you should not neglect protection against fraud. Features: Event tracking, Real-time data, Audience targeting, Ad tracking, Dashboard tuning, CSV export.


A dedicated platform for applications, you will obtain information from users who have downloaded your APP. The engagement that is being generated, the spending on advertising based on the sources you are using. In addition, you will also have protection against fraud and intrusive or malicious programs. This software is used by big brands like Nike, TikTok, eBay, and Pinterest.


A free tool, mostly focused on analyzing gaming applications. It offers you optimization of specific games. It also offers functions to monetize your application, you can generate income with affiliate marketing if you wish. Features : dedicated, multi-dimensional filtering, standard metric tracking .


AppMetrica has many functionalities, it is free and unlimited, its efforts are focused on the integral solution of application marketing so that you can analyze your statistics and have the best options to optimize it. You have the option of viewing individual user data to get an idea of ​​what your closest user profiles are. Features: Product analysis, install attribution, push campaigns, bug and crash reports, API.


An application analysis and marketing software. It will help you to offer an incorporation with your content, direct messages to increase user participation. With this you can target your audiences based on interests such as business, travel, lifestyle or retail. It also allows you to examine the problems that you are carrying with your App.

Perhaps at some point you have wanted to optimize your bad conversions, your high bounce rate. This program is used by companies like GoPro, Verizon, Comcast. Features: audience segmentations, A / B testing, CRM of your application, report tracking, uninstall tracking, reports.


A necessary tool for your Application, this software was first released in 2008, one of the few options that existed at that time. You will be able to have a better monitoring of the facilities. You can identify errors in your application. It is used by companies like McDonalds, Samsung and Ubisoft.

Radar App

With App Radar you will have a tool that will allow you to analyze the data of your applications. With the free account it will provide you with information about the ratings, reviews, charts, details, while with the paid plans you will have more information for your ASO, download estimates and announcements.


With UXCam, you can access recordings of user sessions. It allows you to do a deep analysis of what they are doing while they navigate in your application. You can also use heat maps to see which elements are the most used. Features: Analysis of your users, heat maps, analysis of their events, session recording.


A platform that combines clients in real time, a segmentation monitor and tools that will contribute to your marketing strategy. It offers solutions for the Ecommerce, Food Tech, Media & Entertainment, transport and travel sectors. Companies such as Disney +, Boost, Sony, Movii, and Carousell use this software. Feature: Messaging channels, behavior analysis, campaign optimization, segmentation.

Use app analytics to track how people use the app.

It is essential to take advantage of analytical solutions such as Firebase, MixPanel, Flurry or a package of your choice to measure how users interact with the application.

Doing so provides a couple of benefits, such as revealing problem areas that might fall outside the bounds of a “traditional” mistake. The data also shows engagement, which is helpful in determining and prioritizing new features during the next round of development.

These solutions are easy to deploy for almost any endeavor and also aid in communication with developers, allowing teams to quickly turn around and minimize – or hopefully eliminate! – any negative consequences.

Develop a roadmap through collaboration.

Everyone has to be on the same page, while building enthusiasm is helpful, don’t let the dust get up on team discussions. We recommend that you open communication channels between developers, management and stakeholders to generate results in a realistic timeframe.

Take advantage of software such as Telegram or others to complement your roadmap, as this creates visibility, allowing team members to coordinate activities and identify problems before they become substantial problems.

This will help fine-tune prioritization and allow teams to quickly mitigate errors among other pain points.

Which application analysis tool to choose?

The tool that is best for you will depend on the type of applications you have in stores, the metrics you want to have and the budget you have.

For example, if you have a video game application then it is best to choose one that is entirely dedicated to this sector.