Diversifying Medicine Industry: Generic Drugs

A cursory glance at worldwide trends in medicine will tell you that current R&D in the field holds massive scope. Every single day, newer innovations are playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing medicine and making it clinically diverse and accessible to more people. Such is the instance of generic medicine making, which has diversified pharmaceuticals and allowed more competition in the drug industry. 

Working on the principle of bioequivalence, or in simpler terms, having similar bio-physiological functionality, generic medicine is low-cost, commonly manufactured replicas of a branded drug that are available in common pharmacies. They are similar in chemical composition, function, side-effects, dosage and administration. 

Generic Medicine & Similarity Index

While having similar functionality, generic drugs may have some variability. Small variation, about 3.5% in purity, size, strength, and other parameters are permitted and clinically acceptable in most countries. However, in a broader sense, such minor differences make little to no difference in overall effect. This has enabled greater administration of generic medicine, so much so that the Medical Council of India in 2002 called for physicians to only prescribe generic drugs to patients.

This can come across as a boon for patients with chronic, lifelong or long-term illnesses that often have a cost-heavy prescription card, making them hesitant to comply with a doctor’s directives. In such a case where costs become a hindrance, one may want to look into alternatives, and that’s where generic medicine comes in. Once the original drug patents have expired, generic drugs can be manufactured and marketed at low-profit ranges, hence making them cost-effective for greater affordability in poorer countries.

Playing a Vital Role in Affordability 

The implication is quite far-reaching. Generic drugs can reduce the cost by an estimated 80-85 percent than the original medicine. While being affordable and available in marginalized spaces, generic drugs have to maintain their quality and meet pharmaceutical standards, as in the USA where the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gives the approval for safety and effectiveness. 

Today, generic drugs have become commonplace at your nearest pharmacy and have received assent from a large number of countries. Looking at data from the Indian pharmaceutical industry, one will find that it stands proud as the leading country in the world’s generic medicines market, exporting generic drugs to the US and EU, with a net worth of US $20 billion in the former alone. India has also been exporting the generic equivalent of the blood-thinning drug Plavix (used to help prevent heart attacks) to Thailand. The bottom line is, the generic drug industry shows no sign of slowing down and seems to be shooting upwards.

Availing Generic Medicine the Simpler Way

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