What Is A Glass Neon Sign
A glass Neon sign consists of neon gas penned in a tube at low pressure and is easy to stabilize. The surface of the glass illuminates colors with the gas. Neon gas light illuminates bright light instead of using a consistent flow mechanism with the help of two electrodes on each side of the glass tube. That is why it looks like these lights are constantly flickering.

Have you ever seen Neon signs in the old movies covering the whole street with nightclubs and bars in them? Well, one can feel the same vintage way if you can spot a glass neon sign in an alley. That is why some traditional buyers nowadays still think of these lights as original and spectacular.

How LED Neon Sign Differs From Glass Neon Light
TheĀ Custom Neon Lighting Signs does exactly the same job as a Neon glass light but with more efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Instead of electrodes, there are series of diodes on the strip. The strength and size of these diodes affect the brightness and shade of a neon light.

LED rope lights and strip lights are the most common form of LED lights available in the market. Their growing demand is because these lights are easier to install, customize, operate, and comes in many sizes and color patterns than glass neon lights.
Let’s take a look at the different distinguishing factors when it comes to comparing Glass and LED Light.

Installation and Maintenance
LED neon sign cost is way cheaper than glass neon light. Secondly, the neon LED light is more often maintenance-free. Their replacement parts are also easily available at a very affordable bargain than glass neon signs. These are a lot like DIY lights and eliminates the need for an electrician to hang them on the front, side, or back walls.

Most of the time glass neon sign installation cost involves high upfront fees. There has to be a master technician with experience to shape or bend the neon glass light in order to work flawlessly.

Also, if something goes wrong with the glass tube later due to climate or voltage issues, only a trained professional can replace the tube that results in even higher maintenance price figures.

A neon LED sign is manufactured using non-flammable PVCs and is easy to bend and flex. While neon glass light can easily be broken if not treated with care due to their rigidness.

Furthermore, LED Neon has an average of 30,000 to 45000 hours life span as compared to glass LED’s life span of 10,000 hours.

At Neon Chase you can even custom your own neon sign better with LED technology. Design your neon light online. Choose from a color of your choice as LEDs come with a variety of color options. Finally, order them through any LED neon vendor. This level of customization cannot be done on glass neon.

Although the glass neon can handle custom neon lights. But the glass material can never come close to the flexibility and easy to cut advantage of LED neon lights for customization.

Health & Safety
Somewhat exactly like electrical cars vs gasoline cars, LED neon sign is environment friendly. It does not contain mercury or other hazardous material that is already present in neon glass light.

The most important factor is that the LED neon light does not get too hot with consistent usage. Thus making it safer than the traditional glass light that can pose a danger to your hand if touched when hot. There is also a concern with parents who have kids if glass neon light shatters. Mercury or neon gas leaks can cause harm to children’s health as well.

The electromagnetic interference (EMI) is much higher in glass neon than in LED neon. These interferences can create an interruption to different infrared electrical devices surrounding glass neon light.

The glass neon light constantly makes a buzzing sound when operational. LED neon light on the other hand is quiet. Less noise means more peace of mind.

Energy Consumption
The LED neon sign uses 24V/120V normal AC input voltage that means less electrical bill. Neon glass light exhibits considerable electricity usage with an input voltage of 3KV-18KV. The normal AC input voltage is also considered safer in the view of some of the most expert electrical gurus.

Neon gas fluorescents in glass neon lights are inferior to LED technology and further raise electricity costs. Neon LED light has 3% higher luminous efficacy than glass light within the normal voltage limits.

Interior and Exterior Decoration
Neon sign with LED technology is purposely built for interior decorations because of its portable design. Its weight is lighter than the glass neon light and can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, and outdoor events as well. The space that is required to install a neon LED sign is a lot less than the glass one. Thus it adds comfort while doing it yourself.

The LED neon sign has 50% more lumens per foot output which makes it brighter than a glass neon light. LED lights display brighter even at a day time while glass signs are much visible after dark. This adds to the value when someone is willing to buy a decoration light for an event at the home, office, or outdoor.

The neon glass sign is quite heavy and is the best fit for outdoor gatherings only on uniform surfaces. The added health risk factors make neon glass light an unfavorable candidate for indoor decor. Again, the installation cost factor comes into play here for any individual.

The Vintage Look
As one can opt for a vintage look using an LED neon sign. But, most people just don’t want to pretend to be in the old era. They want to use the same old traditional glass neon light to truly feel the pre-existing vibe. For those people, the glass neon sign is the only way to go.

By taking health and safety standards into consideration as well as installation cost and maintenance along with electricity bills, the Neon LED sign has a clear advantage over glass neon sign. However, few people with vintage vibes often ignore costs and want the real deal to live in the past era. It is really up to the buyer’s choice nowadays.

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