The fantastic bamboo pillow is everywhere. They’ve recently exploded in popularity. consistent with Google Trends, they’re even more popular than traditional down pillows! People seem to love them: bamboo pillow reviews are generally positive.

Despite their prevalence, I only noticed bamboo pillows recently. They caught my attention for one reason: bamboo pillows appear to be a “green” product.

I attempt to shop responsibly, purchasing products that are ecologically responsible when possible. A pillow made up of the bamboo plant, a plentiful natural resource , appeared like an environmentally friendly and safe product for a tree-hugger like myself.

What is a bamboo pillow?

The name clearly implies that a primary component must be bamboo. because it seems , the bulk are crammed with shredded memory foam, a petroleum-based product. the material outer shell or case, is most ordinarily a mix of rayon and polyester.

So where’s the bamboo? the reality is within the fine print: apparently the case’s rayon fabric springs from bamboo.

Yes, bamboo king cooling pillow is  essentially just a memory foam pillow with a rayon pillow case.

According to popular product descriptions, these magical bamboo pillows are:

  • environmentally friendly
  • hypoallergenic
  • antimicrobial
  • biodegradable
  • cooler than traditional pillows
  • adjustable
  • supportive and moldable

Are bamboo pillows environmentally friendly?

Bamboo seems like a responsible and safe component to use during a pillow. Marketers like to use the word bamboo in their product descriptions, because it appeals to eco-conscious consumers like me. Unfortunately the bamboo fabric, i.e. rayon, can’t be considered harmless to the environment.

The most common thanks to produce rayon involves the “viscose” process. Cellulose material derived from bamboo is dissolved during a strong chemical bath. Then it’s treated with toxic chemicals like carbon disulphide, sodium hydroxide , ammonia, acetone and vitriol until it solidifies into useable fibers. Production releases hazardous air pollutants. additionally , 50% of the solvents used are dumped as wastewater.

Rayon isn’t the sole pollutant during a bamboo pillow. the assembly of memory foam and polyester both end in the discharge of carcinogenic materials into our air and water causing significant environmental damage. It’s also unclear if there are adverse health issues related to long-term exposure to the chemicals contained in memory foam.

Are bamboo pillows hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic claims resonate with consumers and help to sell products. What exactly is implied? Unfortunately it’s very vague because there’s no regulation within the us that defines or governs the utilization of the term. Blakiston’s Medical Dictionary, however, defines it:

Are bamboo pillows cool?

If air is in a position to circulate through a pillow’s fill, it’ll stay cool while you sleep. Unfortunately memory foam isn’t known for it’s breathability. It restricts airflow, causing the pillow to create up and retain body heat. I’ve tried several differing types of memory foam pillows over the years and none might be described as being “cool.”

Most bamboo pillows, however, contain “shredded” memory foam. This shredded fill is just memory foam that’s been torn into little pieces. These individual pieces leave better air circulation though the pillow vs a standard solid piece of memory foam. However, for a few reason, many of the available bamboo pillows are enclosed during a foam enclosure or case (this is additionally to the rayon/poly outer fabric case) that restricts airflow. This negates much of the cooling ability gained from using shredded vs. traditional memory foam.

Well, maybe the rayon/polyester blend, err “bamboo” fabric is extra breathable? It’s less breathable than traditional bedding fabrics like linen or cotton that are well-known for his or her breathability.

Memory foam is sort of good at providing support for your head and neck. It evenly cradles the load of your head eliminating any pain-causing pressure points, allowing your muscles to completely relax. the very fact that a lot of bamboo cooling pillow is adjustable via a zippered opening may be a big plus. this enables you to fine tune your pillow’s loft (thickness) to your personal preferences.