Experts recommend getting your car serviced once every six months. Professional car servicing includes various methods of cleaning and repairing car parts. It is an organised process that can be performed well by experts.

However, you can also learn to service your car at home using DIY techniques and tricks. You can do this basic servicing with the use of basic tools and equipment at the comfort of your home and, in a way, low pocket pinch.

A car servicing unit might charge you hefty sums for its expert cleaning, which cannot be afforded all the time. So the least you can do is service your car yourself every three to four months and keep the car at its best. This can help you save money and learn a necessary life skill.

Clean oil tanker and change the oil

The first step to DIY car servicing is changing the oil of the engine. The engine oil of your car is stored just below the engine of the car. Drain the oil into a tray or hollow collector directly from the oil tanker. Find the slum plug of the engine oil tanker and press it open. This will lead the oil to drain out forcefully.

After the oil is pushed out of the tank, remove the oil filter. The best home tool to use for this purpose is a screwdriver. Use the screwdriver to remove the oil filter slowly and carefully. Removing the filter will make all the oil in the tanker gush out smoothly. This oil is not to be put back into the tanker. Make sure to dispose of this oil in an eco-friendly way.

Change the filters

The car’s filters that make the soft parts breathe properly get damaged by dust and dirt on both the inside and outside. Changing the filters is one of the important and easiest tasks of car service. The car’s fuel tanker is sealed with a filter that must be changed. The engine oil tanker also fits in a filter that must be removed and replaced with a new one.

Remember to purchase new filters, or you can opt for Car Service Leamington Spa to let the professionals handle it for you. You can buy the various types of oil filters from any hardware store near you. But make sure to buy a quality product. Install the filters carefully and correctly. The filter plays a great role in the smoothness of your vehicle thus must be placed correctly.

Replace spark plugs

The spark plugs for different cars vary in sizes largely. Thus, it is important to get the correct and exact type of spark plugs for your car. This job requires efficacy and accuracy so that the car is safe while operating. 

Maintain the order and direction of the spark plugs while installing them into the engine cavity. The incorrect position will make the installation difficult and further lead to operational challenges. Tightened the spark plugs using screwdrivers but make sure not to over-tighten them as that would lead to breakage or cracks. 

Check all the other parts 

When you open the front bonnet of the car, you see a lot of wires and machines. Well, all of it has a great purpose of serving in the proper operation of your car. Thus, it is important to check all the parts before you refill the oil. 

Check the brake fluid, the wires, radiator reservoir levels, windscreen washer, tread gap, wheel alignment, etc. Make sure your car is as good as a newly bought one after Car Service Leamington Spa. Thus, proper checking of everything is a must. Do not forget to check the warning signs of the car and repair if any damage is found.

Refill the oil tanker

After everything is done, refill the engine oil tanker with new oil. Do not commit the mistake of using the old oil in the oil tanker. All your efforts might go into vain if you do that. After this process, your car is ready to rule the road again.

Hope these tips will help you.