inflatable seals 

The use of the seal is very common for various applications. The main purpose of a seal is to ensure no leakage. The use of a normal seal or gasket for sealing windows, automobiles, water pipelines, and many more is a very common sight. But the use of a normal seal is not recommended in case of extreme requirements such as sealing of aerospace or sealing in deep-sea application etc. The normal seal will not provide adequate protection in such scenarios. Under such conditions, the use of inflatable seals is highly recommended. The inflatable seal is known to provide to 100 percent leakage-free solution and thus has taken over the normal seal. There are certain scenarios where the use of inflatables is of paramount importance. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Guaranteed Leak-Proof Sealing: When it comes to critical application, the choice of the inflatable seal is obvious and mandatory. This is because an inflatable seal even in extreme conditions offers a guaranteed leak-proof sealing solution. Inflatable seals are so competent that forgot about dust particle they do not let the even the air particle to leak from or into the system. This is the reason why inflatable seals are the preferred choice for sealing in case of depth of sea bed or securing the door of satellites.
  • Uneven surfaces: Normal seal functions perfectly when the surface to be sealed is smooth and even. But what about uneven surfaces? In such conditions, the normal seals do not function effectively. But the inflatable seal functions just perfectly in both conditions. The inflatable seal mechanism tightly seals and secures all the available gaps and in case the surface is uneven then it expands more to cover these too.
  • No Issue of Compression Set: A compression set means the ability of the seal to come back to its normal size. With time it has been observed that the normal seal faces the issues of poor compression set. But this is not true for inflatable seals. The inflatable seal, inflation, and deflation mechanism helps to get rid of this problem from the root.
  • Clamping: Inflatable seal comes with the mechanism of inflation and deflation that cannot be found in a normal seal. This special feature of the inflatable seal is useful for clamping for industrial settings such as lifting and transferring objects etc.
  • Guaranteed Sealing in Differential Pressure: Differential pressure is the difference between internal and external pressure. Normal seals are not effective under such differential pressure and this leads to leakage into the system. This situation can be averted by the use of an inflatable seal as these are designed specifically to withstand the differential pressure without any leakage.
  • Control over Pressure: Inflatable seals are used widely in automated jobs as these seals have complete control over the pressure. The pressure is controlled as per the requirement of the user so that desired outcome could be achieved.

Hence these are reasons why inflatable seals are being preferred over the normal seal. These seals have better operation life and thus provide better results. Only the reliable and trusted inflatable seals manufacturer must be considered for the quality inflatable seal.