Verdis, officially the Free Republic of Verdis is a new sovereign country in Europe. The project was founded in mid-2019 by politician and activist Daniel Jackson as an attempt to create a humanitarian and environmentally conscious state while also working to set a new government system example.

Located between Croatia and Serbia (near another unrecognised state named Liberland), the country was founded on a small pocket of land locally named as pocket-3 of the Croatia-Serbia border dispute. Verdis has been noted as the oldest and most active claimant of the land making it rightfully belonging to Verdis under international law as both Croatia and Serbia do not claim the land, and neither does any other entity making Verdis the oldest and most active claimant making it rightful under international law.

Since its founding, Verdis has been recognised and supported by a decent number of politicians, political parties and activists, with more and more recognizing the movement every week. The entirety of the territory including waters reaches around 0.455km2 making Verdis one of the smallest countries in not only Europe, but the entirety of the world. Although the land size is small, many infrastructural plans have been made to fit the nations needs and sustainability.

The country plans to fit up to 15,000 people on the claim in high-rise environmentally conscious buildings, etc. The republic plans to set itself as an environmentally conscious and humanitarian nation in hopes that other states will also follow their system. Verdis plans to be as humanitarian as possible and is continuously working everyday on getting closer and closer to achieving these goals. Verdis plans to be largely dedicated to the future, giving everyone a voice, free from government oppression.

With the way the Free Republic of Verdis is going, the state sure looks like it is on the way to success and intends to keep all of its goals well-preserved and permanent. Verdis plans to remain as humanitarian and environmentally conscious as possible as well as to unite ethnic groups in the region and much more as stated on the national website.

Although, this project does bring in an incredibly large amount of need for funding, international recognition and general support, the Verdisian Government which is running the project is continuously pushing everyday to achieve their goals.