Today, technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and there are various options to get entertained. Avid gamers love to play high-quality games on a modern gaming console, while many people can install simple games on their smartphones and play them.

However, in the late 80s and 90s, people had limited options, and technology was not so advanced back then, yet still, young kids had the same level of excitement while playing the games. Today, many years have passed, and kids of the 90s have become adults and have other chores to manage. But some of the adults still have a passion for playing games in their free time.

What is Retro Gaming?

The concept of retro gaming is not new and has become quite popular over the years. Retro gaming is also known as old school gaming and retro gaming and involves playing old games on computers or gaming consoles. The technology has given sophisticated gaming consoles, but now people can enjoy retro games on old arcade gaming tables.

Everyone loves arcade games because they are easy to play and give you all the thrill and excitement. The arcade gaming tables are commonly placed in restaurants, shopping malls, and gaming clubs. Playing arcade games every day was part of nearly every kid back then in the 90s.

Today, you can buy and get an arcade gaming console in your house too. You can invite your family or friends for dinner and enjoy playing a couple of retro games and revisit your childhood. There are few gaming companies that even allow you to custom design old school arcade game consoles.

Why get Arcade Game Table for your House

You are given various options to choose from, and the options include table styles, arcade engines, and connectivity options. The gaming consoles come preloaded with over 1000 retro games, and there is no hassle to insert a coin or compact disc to install or play a game.

The gaming consoles also come with all the controls a user requires, such as joysticks, trackball and buttons. There is also the option of two players simultaneously, which adds to the fun and excitement.

The two styles of gaming consoles are countertop style and coffee table style. The countertop table is bigger, while the coffee table has a compact size. The gaming tables are made from the finest wood, and the polish makes them shine and improves the looks of the room. A coffee or countertop table can easily pass a furniture accessory.

The modern arcade gaming table can easily connect with the television, projector, or monitor and provide you with a fully immersive experience. If you own a large television then playing the games on the big screen will give you quite a pleasure. The two engine types of gaming console include

  • Standard Arcade Engine

It supports the existing television, PC monitor or projector using HDMI cables. All the games are displayed in landscape mode. There are over 2000 arcade games that you can play. Two players can easily play using a joystick and buttons.

  • Enhanced Arcade Engine

The games are displayed as originally formatted. There are over 1000 arcade games. There are 700 horizontal games and 400 vertical games. Two players can play by using a joystick and buttons.

The Value Added Features of Arcade Game Consoles

The arcade gaming tables come with many value-added features. You can connect headphones to avoid disturbing anyone else in the house. You can also connect the arcade game table with a stereo system and get all the audio feedback that increases the thrill while playing with a second player.

But the option to hook up the gaming table with the television is quite exciting. You can use an HDMI cable to connect the arcade game console to the television, PC monitor, or projector. The latest old school gaming consoles can even connect wirelessly, but you may need to place both the television and gaming table close to each other.

Most adults have a busy lifestyle and have to manage various personal and professional chores. Having an arcade gaming console allows them to enjoy some of their free time and have a chance to play all the games they used to play in their childhood.

The best part is all the 1000 or 2000 games are pre-installed, and you do not have to install any game. You can also switch from one game to another without much of a hassle. The games are easy to play with the controls, and the difficulty level only rises when you clear one level and move on to the next.


The Covid-19 pandemic has allowed most people to spend more time at home than ever before. Now most homeowners are looking to set up an entire game room, and an arcade gaming table would be the best addition. The colorful lights will give such an enchanting feel to the room, particularly at night. You can call your friends and family on the weekend and have a wonderful time recalling old memories and playing arcade games.