Installation of a Solar Powered Equipment to generate energy for your household is a good decision, though not always the easiest one. We do not remind you of the various things you have to think about. Budget, company, warranties, size, and many more. Amidst the long list of things you have to consider, there hides the number of Solar Panels.

How many Solar Panels should you invest in? Unfortunately, there is no right or particular answer to this question. The number of Solar Panels can differ from house to house. If this was as easy as buying food that looks good on the next table, we would all be happy. Unfortunately, you can not just look at your neighbor’s rooftop and let that make your decision for you. The quantity of solar panels needed to power a home varies substantially. The size of a solar installation system is usually determined by the property’s location, the number of people in the home, and the amount of power consumed monthly.

Consider yourself lucky you live in Texas. Texas receives approximately 2,910 hours of sunlight a year, out of a total of 4,383, which is like WOW if you are considering Solar Installations. The sun shines for about 7.58 hours a day which is more than enough sunlight to run your house for a day. Living in Texas is a sign that you should consider going Solar. How many Solar Panels for your house? Let us get right to that!

How Many Solar Panels?

Even if two houses have the same floor plan, their power and energy needs can differ significantly. When planning a solar installation, several factors are considered, the most important of which is how much electricity is used on a daily basis. Even though your house and your neighbor’s house are identical, your energy needs will be different. This is due to the fact that the number of persons in both families may differ, and your energy usage may be higher or lower than your neighbors’. A household of two, for example, may require less Solar Panels than a family of four because they use less energy on a daily basis.

Solar Power System

How do you determine how many Solar Panels you will need? Simple, go through your energy consumption in the past 12 months. This way you can draw a map of how much energy your house requires. Your company can then construct the right size system for you and your family based on your actual electric use rather than the square footage of your home. As previously said, no one can estimate the size of a system based on a house’s floor plan or square footage because everyone, regardless of house size, has different electric needs.

What Else Do You Need To Know?

As we know, the prices for Solar Panels have decreased in the last few decades. The government is still offering a 30% tax credit to homeowners who choose to go solar. Some energy suppliers offer solar discounts and incentives, while others offer net-metering. In net metering, a billing method, a bi-directional meter is employed. This meter measures how much energy is consumed from the grid and subtracts how much energy is supplied to the grid through solar energy. Solar-powered houses can save money on their monthly electric bills, and in some cases, they can even get a credit for the excess electricity they generate!

Everyone is going solar today! Small and big businesses, households, community buildings – every second building in Texas runs on solar energy today. The panels not only help generate clean and renewable energy, but they also help you earn. You can help the planet and yourself at the same time.

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