The Right Questions to Ask When Vetting For an Illinois Expungement Lawyer To Represent You

If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense, your criminal record will surely make it difficult for you to move on and start a new life.. That is why it is important to find a reliable Felony Expungement Attorneyand get help from the specialized team at Legal Defenders, P.C. The Felony Expungement Attorneycanfinally put the past behind you for good.

Expungement is a legal procedure where a person can have his criminal record disappear forever. Once a record is expunged, you can confidently say you have never been arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime. There are many benefits that expungement brings. First of all, you will finally obtain employment without fear. There are many employers who are often reluctant to hire anyone with a criminal record. If your record is expunged, you can say that you have never been convicted of a crime. Expungement will also help you find a place to live A lot of landlords like employers conduct background checks on potential tenants, so having your criminal record erased will help you a lot. Another great benefit is getting a loan. There are loan agencies who believe those with criminal records will not be able to pay back their loans. Expungement is also a great way to apply for a college. College administrators typically deny applicants who have been charged or convicted of a crime as a minor or an adult. Just have your criminal record expunged and it will help you avoid being denied or rejected because of your criminal past. Lastly, expunging your record will give you peace of mind and you will finally have a chance to live your life just like a normal citizen.

However, it goes without saying that finding the right Felony Expungement Attorney matters a lot. The kind of lawyer you choose will certainly make or break your chances of having success in the whole expungement process. The best solution to pick a competent expungement lawyer among countless law firms is by vetting them. Here are some of the questions you should ask when vetting a potential lawyer of Felony Expungement Illinois.

  • Do I Qualify for An Expungement?

It’s important to find out whether you are qualified for expunction under the Illinois law or not. You should understand all the reasons that can make your expungement impossible. By asking your attorney a few questions, you’ll be able to know if you qualify for expungement or not. Here are some expungement requirements you should be aware of: 

  • You can’t have convictions for felonies, murder, sexual cases or child abuse on your record. You could expunge felonies if you completed qualified probation and five years have passed since your last sentence.
  • You must have successfully completed the required probation, sentencing, community service and paid the assessed fines.
  • At least three years must have passed since the time you were convicted for sealing cases, and 2 years for expunging cases.
  • You must not have any pending court cases. 
  • Almost all misdemeanor cases are eligible for sealing or expungement.
  • What Makes You The Best Felony Expungement Attorney Illinois for My Case?

You should be sure that your attorney has all the skills and experience to successfully win your expungement case. Based on how a prospective expungement attorney answers your questions, you can evaluate their suitability for your case. As the lawyers provide you with answers, make sure you know about such details as:

  • Qualifications: The attorney should possess suitable skills. They must also be licensed to offer legal services in Illinois.
  • Experience level:  The lawyer should possess proven experience in handling expungement cases. So this will guarantee you will get positive results.
  • References: The attorney should provide you with client reviews or testimonials from previous clients.
  • What Types of Expungement Cases Do You Typically Handle?

Lawyers can handle expungement cases for most criminal cases in Illinois.  It is imperative to retain an attorney who has experience in expunging cases that are similar to your case. Working with an attorney who has a substantial experience in expunging cases, you have the best chance of success.  The expungement attorneys will guarantee you will have success  or your fee will be refunded. Hiring the right attorney can significantly improve your chances of succeeding in clearing your criminal record. An experienced expungement lawyer should be able to handle the following cases: 

  • Drug cases
  • Misdemeanor offenses 
  • Felonies for Qualified Probation
  • Theft Cases
  • UUW / Weapons cases
  • What Should I Expect in the Process?

You should understand the process and have realistic expectations. Here is a breakdown of what you should expect from your expungement process:

  • The attorney will ask you to provide them with all the needed documents.
  • Your attorney will help you fill out a petition and supporting documents that will be submitted to the relevant criminal court
  • The attorney will assist you with reviewing and filling out the paperwork. 
  • The attorney will file your expungement case and represent you in court and argue to the judge that you have changed your life and are a good citizen.
  • If the court grants the expungement upon reviewing your application, your attorney will forward to you a copy of the Court order expunging your record.
  • What is the cost to Expunge Your Criminal Record?

Never feel ashamed of or reluctant to speak about the legal fees you are going to pay for Felony Expungement Illinois. This will help you avoid experiencing financial issues later. The attorney should provide a breakdown of their fee structure, specifically listing cost of filing the case, legal fees, and other expenses.

Finding the Right Attorney in Illinois

If you have a conviction on your criminal record, it will heavily impact your future. However, you don’t have to fear losing your job, leasing an apartment, being accepted to the university of your choice, being denied a professional license and more. Simply opt for aFelony Expungement Illinois and Legal Defenders, P.C. will fight to have your record cleared. Just call the Felony Expungement Attorney for a free confidential consultation and a fresh start.