The Safer Grip brand of bathmats was designed by a former bodybuilder and strength trainer. He felt the need to create a mat that was better for the body and that also provided more strength and support. Balance help for tub or shower. Helps the user to get into a slippery and wet bath safely and with less fear.

Flip-down removable, snap-up quick release tabs for quick removal and installation. Made of durable heavy-gauge, vinyl plastic, the Safer Grip Lifestyle provides an excellent slip resistance, even in a tub or shower. The product has been designed for total waterproofing of up to 100 feet without any noticeable reduction in grip ability. The unique tub handle bars allow the user to keep the mat flat on the floor, while the self-retracting tub hook and eye make removal and installation fast and easy.

The Lifestyle’s ergonomic shapes provide a comfortable work surface for long hours of rest. The smooth texture and modern color combination makes cleaning so easy and simple. The product is durable enough to stand up to years of use. Made in China

Safer Grip products are designed to resist scratching and gouging and to provide unparalleled slip resistance. They are made out of strong, heavy-gauge vinyl material to withstand the everyday abuse of a busy household. The products’ interiors are kept clean and sanitized to promote product life. They are made in the United States and are manufactured to U.S. Health Department standards. They are easy to install with the included hardware and easy to remove when you need to clean or replace parts.

The Lifestyle’s interiors have a modern, sleek design that fits into any bathroom and has been designed to not interfere with tub and shower access. The hand grips have been designed to provide ample grip and maximum hand support while not being so large as to be a hindrance if you need to get in and out of the tub quickly. The product is very easy to install and the hardware comes pre-installed. The product can be used with conventional and high capacity hot and cold water tubs and showers. The hand grips come in a variety of colors and finishes and are made from high quality material.

The Lifestyle’s hand grips are also available in handheld, wall-mountable, and pedestal mountable styles. All of these models have the same great quality and are known for their long-lasting performance. The wall-mountable versions are great for single-person tubs and come with a convenient, recessed hole for mounting onto the wall. The wall-mounted version is designed to fit most standard tub dimensions and is one of the safest hand holds on the market. The tub safe’s locking mechanism is one of the best on the market and can safely secure the tub and all of your important bathroom items.

The bathmats are very comfortable to wear and they help to reduce water splash back out of the tub. Safer Grip Lifestyles bathmats come in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and textures that will coordinate with your existing bath mats and shower curtains. The bathmats themselves are very soft and comfortable to wear and can help reduce the strain on your hands and feet. Made from a breathable material, these bathmats are also very easy to clean which is a bonus when you are washing and drying off your baby. The bathmats fit securely around each corner of the tub and are made from a heavy duty rubber and are designed to withstand repeated washings.

These bathmats are sold separately and many online vendors will ship them for free. Most manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on their products, which makes the investment in these products well worth it. Shop around and read customer reviews before making a purchase. Safer Grip Lifestyle products are becoming increasingly popular around the world. This new product offers an innovative way to keep the tub and accessories of your bathroom safe and dry at all times.