Vegan Diet

If chocolates or any sweet component in the dessert is considered the star of the dish, then which ingredient will take away the role of the side character? The answer is seeds. Making an apple pie? Top it with the almond crust made out of harina de almendra. Making brownies? Add walnuts. The list is lengthy. No matter what the dessert is, must and seeds have always taken the backseat.

But, not anymore. Nuts and seeds have become a compulsory staple food for a healthy plant-based diet. They are not added as a garnish but included as the main item that would lend its nutritional benefits to the whole dish.

Nuts and seeds are excellent sources of nutritional supplements that could lead to positive health outcomes. So if you were wondering what awaits you, we bring you a thorough read on the advantageous role the nuts and seeds play in our lives.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Using Nuts And Seeds?

Because of the flexible nature of seeds and nuts, they are almost used in all types of cuisine. Starting from desserts to savory, you will find plenty of chances to incorporate the nuts and seeds into your dish.

As mentioned earlier, the harina de almendra or any powder created by nuts are an excellent source of essential nutrients. Moreover, they also contain antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory compounds.

Depending on which but you have decided to incorporate in your dish, some nuts and seeds can be carriers of carotenoids, phenolic acids, and phytosterols, polyphenols such as flavonoids, proanthocyanidins, and stilbenes. Furthermore, it also includes elements such as phytates, sphingolipids, alkylphenols, and lignans.

Research has shown that active consumers of nuts and seeds have a healthier heart than those who do not consume nuts or any kind of seeds. It has also showcased that it helps in weight management while lowering the risk of some types of cancers as well.

Also, incorporating nuts and seeds will be helpful towards controlling type 2 diabetes. Its association with the reduced all-cause mortality has prompted many to include these items in their diet.

What About The Nutrition Content Of Seeds And Nuts?

The nutrition content of nuts and seeds is full-packed with sources of essential nutrients. Each variety of nuts and seeds has a unique profile of taste, along with nutrients as well. However, they all contain the following,

● Plant-based protein
● Iron
● Phosphorous
● Magnesium
● Zinc
● Heart-healthy fats
● Fiber
● Calcium
● Vitamin E
● Copper
● Omega 3 fatty acids
● Selenium
● B-vitamins
● Manganese

Each of the individual nuts or seeds will contain, to some extent, varying levels of these nutrients. So depending on the variety in your diet, your grub may contain the widest range of nutritionally packed packages.

Which Nuts And Seeds Should You Buy?

The nutrients found in the seeds as well as the nuts are sources of nutrients that could be found in meat-based grubs. Moreover, it is one of the essential amenities that could fulfill the bodily requirements of omega 3, iron, zinc, vitamin E, and more. So here is a list of nuts and seeds you should. However, before buying it, remember to get your allergic reaction tested. If you are not allergic to nuts, buy the following.

● Almonds
● Chestnuts
● Brazil nuts
● Pecan
● Pistacho Natural En México
● Walnuts
● Cashews
● Pine nuts
● Hazelnuts
● Macadamia nuts
● Peanuts

Some of the seeds you should buy are,

● Flaxseeds
● Chia seeds
● Poppy seeds
● Sunflower seeds
● Hemp seeds
● Pumpkin seeds

Bottom line:

The key to making these seeds and nuts blend absolutely with your dish is to know the flavor profile of the ingredients. If you have decided to use Pistacho Natural En México, analyze what ingredient will go well with it, and then move towards building it.