Popcorn lovers are many. Some like plain popcorn whilst others prefer flavored. It is consumed on different occasions like when watching a movie, cricket match, at a birthday, at a carnival, etc. The demand for the product has led to many brands creating it. They need to have amazing packaging if they want it to appeal to the consumer base. The popcorn boxcan be designed in such a way that it makes one want to taste the product.

Interesting facts about a popcorn box

This snack should be put in packaging that will keep the popcorn safe from heat as well as hydrating effects of weather. It is important to choose the right material to make the boxes from.

The boxes can attract customers when they are designed in an eye-catching way. The scrumptious taste can be conveyed with this.

The following is a guide to help you when it comes to popcorn packaging and marketing:

Should attract customers

The boxes must be made so that they attract the customers they are intended for. They should appeal to them and make them want to buy your popcorn rather than that of the competition.

People of all ages eat the product and those of both genders. If you have made it specifically for kids consider making the boxes bright. Print a popular cartoon character on them as this is what attracts children.

Should be attractive

The cartons must be attention-seeking. This is important if you want sales to increase. The brand that creates dull packaging for their tasty product can give a bad image to buyers. They can feel that the popcorn is not good for their health.

When the box is designed well it gives a good image. Customers will think that the product is of a high-quality like its packaging.

Choose good material

The material you choose for the box is very important as this influences whether the box will remain strong or break. There are many material options present in the market nowadays. You mustn’t get confused with the competition. You must choose the material which will be best for the popcorn.

Options include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. These are popular because they are sturdy. The brand will be using environmentally friendly material. It gives an image that it is sensible and cares about the planet.

Many shoppers nowadays want brands to choose this type of material for popcorn boxes. Some avoid buying from brands that do not reduce their carbon footprint.

Customize to look unique

If you want to increase customer engagement it is important to customize the boxes. Customers have different demands for products and packaging. Some may wish to get large boxes whilst others will want to buy the product in a lesser quantity. You need to have the different sizes available according to what your consumers demand.

The shape, color, themes, etc. of the packaging can be customized as well. For instance, if the box is for a business selling popcorn at the movies, the design can be changed according to the popular movie being played. This box will look amazing.

Different shapes attract as they stand out. Consider which shape will keep the security of the product whilst making it attractive.

Design the internal area of the box

It is a good idea to design the inner side of the box as well as the external one. It will excite consumers as they eat the popcorn. If the internal side is unclean and rough, people will not want to buy the boxes for their occasions.

You can decorate this area as well so that it gives buyers a good experience. Think about what your customer base will enjoy and add that.

Add appropriate effects

You can add certain effects to the popcorn packaging to make it look more amazing. There are different options present that you can choose from. You can for instance opt for 3D effects which will make the box look exciting.

The packaging will get a marvelous look to it. Effects help the box stand out in front of the competition.

The colors should be perfect

Choosing the colors for the boxes is an important part of the packaging. These can be what attracts potential buyers towards the product.

Popular colors include red and white lines. These are what is trending in this industry. However, brands can use other colors according to what their brand is and what it stands for.

Find out what different colors mean to different people. Choose those which will make your product look more delicious and which will make shoppers want to try it out.

Let the popcorn be seen

If the boxes are to be placed in a store with the popcorn within, you can design them so that the product can be seen. When customers get to see it they will be more confident in wanting to buy it. The delicious look will make them want to try out the popcorn.

You can consider getting window boxes here. These have a transparent window on the front that lets the item be seen within. They are helpful as people will not need to open the box to check out the product.


The popcorn box must be eye-catching. Aim to make the box look attractive and appeal to customers. Choose the best quality material to make the packaging from. This will give a good impression of your business showing that you care for quality. Choose colors and designs carefully. They should be appealing. Food products need to be kept safe from germs and must be put in boxes that do not have chemicals that can affect the health of customers. Keep this in mind when designing packaging. Know who your potential consumer base is so that you can create something which they will like.