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Australia is surrounded by 8,222 islands within the country’s maritime borders. Some islands are popular with tourists, while others aren’t. Discover wildlife areas on Kangaroo Island in South Australia or French and Phillip Islands in Victoria.

Top 9 islands near Australia

Would you like to know which island to visit during the holiday season? This article will dive into a list of the top 9 islands in Australia that you can visit during the holiday season:

1. Brunei Island

Tasmania, Australia’s largest island, is a popular day-trip destination for those visiting the island. The narrow isthmus that connects North Brunei with South Brunei is the island’s most scenic feature. The dense forests and lush beaches give the island its charm.

Distance from Australia: 2,357 km

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Enjoy a luxurious honeymoon trip to Australia and witness the best marine life at the Great Barrier Reef. Indulge in Australia’s aquatic experiences, go for nature walks, and indulge in the best of food and wine.

2. Magnetic island

Magnetic Island is an island located eight kilometers off the coast from Townsville, in Queensland, Australia. The island consists of more than half a national park that protects hundreds of animals such as wallabies, koalas, and sea turtles. The island is known as Maggie’s reef because of its magnetic effect on Captain Cook’s ship’s compass.

Distance from Australia: 1506 km

3. Christmas Island

Christmas Island is an Australian land in the Indian Ocean, located south of Java, Indonesia. Most of the plants and animals are indigenous to the island, and more than 60 percent of the land on Christmas Island is protected as national parks. The island’s most famous and best-known endemic species is the Christmas Island red crab. Each year in November, tides of red crabs mass in good numbers to migrate to the sea, which is considered one of nature’s most amazing phenomena.

Distance from Australia: 3385 km

4. Phillip Island

Throughout the year, millions of tourists visit Phillip Island. The island allows visitors to observe penguins in their natural habitat, making it a huge attraction. Phillip Island is a favorite summer retreat of Milburns and a popular surfing spot. Other popular activities include hiking, cycling, fishing, and sailing. The island is home to babies, wombats, kangaroos, and koalas.

Distance from Australia: 1819 km

5. Rottnest Island

The island of Rottnest is located directly offshore from Perth in Western Australia. It is the most famous of the hundreds of islands just off the coast of Western Australia and is renowned for its jokes! The island is noted for its spectacular coral reef and beautiful beaches that are ideal for swimming. Visitors can explore the island best on a bicycle, as the only transportation permitted is government vehicles.

Distance from Australia: 1928 km

6. Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is located in the middle of the South Pacific between Australia and New Zealand, and Lord Howe Island has been shaped into a crescent shape. This is the perfect location for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Many birds are nesting on this island, so grab some binoculars and get ready to get fascinated. Mount Gower, the highest peak of the island, can be ascended by adventurers.

Distance from Australia: 2563 km

7. Kangaroo Island

On more than a 3rd of the island are national parks where koalas, kangaroos, and children roam freely. In Australia, the Flinders Chase National Park and Island have abundant marine life ranging from penguins to fur seals and sea lions. Giant desert dunes, cliff formations, caves, and small desert dunes are among the many top places for adventurers.

Distance from Australia: 1212 km

8. Fraser Island

A 120-kilometer stretch of the sand island stretches across the east coast of Australia’s Queensland province, Fraser Island. For thousands of years, beach sand has been brought by ocean currents to the island. Observing humpback whales is one of the best things to do on Fraser Island, and it has a substantial dingo population.

Distance from Australia: 1944 km

9. Whitsunday Island

A series of 74 islets and cays make up Whitsundays in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Thousands of years ago, volcanic eruptions left the Whitsundays as remnants.

Among Australia’s most spectacular natural scenery are the Whitsunday Islands. The white sand consists of silica that prevents heat retention, making it ideal for quiet strolls along the beach.

Distance from Australia: 853 km

A trip to Australia could be a trip of a lifetime, with its beautiful outer islands such as the Whitsundays and Phillip Island and its Penguin Parade.