Sudden and accidental damage means that whatever has occurred was sudden and accidental and is not the result of damage that has passed off over time.  This could be a sudden storm that blows through destructing the roof structure and allows water to come in.  This could be a sudden and unintended pipe break or leak that happened and caused water damage to the home.  This does not consider things like water intruding into your basement or around windows over time as the abjection of the structure began to take place.  That’s why it’s all important to do routine inspections of your home to properly maintain the home against degradation of the structure that can cause moisture and water to get into.

Mold damage remediation can be a big-ticket. Be sure to have a professed document that you have mold as a result of the property damage you incurred. In most of the cases, your insurance company will not check on mold. Mold can cause serious illness and property impairments. Mold contamination can also destroy your property and your listings.

Sometimes your insurance agencies deny the claim due to other professional’s recommendations.  If they can’t identify the cause and origin of the sudden and accidental happening and they hire efforts of one of their engineers, typically these engineers will say their isn’t sufficient evidence that this is a sudden and accidental occurrence and they will deny the prospective claim.

In such scenarios, it may be healthier to start the work out of pocket, get the source located and provide proof that it was indeed a covered loss and at that point you are eligible for reimbursement.  The more extreme way to handle things would be to hire a Mold Damage Claim Lawyer Fort Lauderdale and fight it but often even the attorney will need some sort of proof that you are entitled to that insurance coverage.

Mold prosper in moisture-rich environments such as advanced indoor humidity, flooding, or a leaky roof or dish-washing machine. It hides in places you can’t see onetime. If your insurance company is denying your mold protection claim, contact us for hiring Mold Damage Claim Lawyer Fort Lauderdale. If you have any further insurance accompanying questions that have not been answered till now, give us a call today and ask to speak with us. We will keep you posted on every detail pertaining to mold damages and claims.