We are well aware that decorating an apartment with limited available space can be a gruelling task. Regardless if you live in one of the lavish flats in Byculla or a duplex in Mulund, it’s a fact that apartments have limited square foot area, unlike houses. Therefore, truly showcasing your personality through home décor can become a bit challenging. But if you know how to smartly utilise your available space, you can do wonders.

Irrespective of the size of a place, styling your home can be fun as it gives you a forum to express yourself. Decorating it should be about reflecting your inner self.

Having said this, today we’re going to share some amazing décor ideas that you can use for decorating your luxury apartments. Read on to know all about them!

Furnish Your Foyer

A foyer is something that is only found in luxury living spaces nowadays. Therefore, if you have one, you must make full use of it.

A well-groomed foyer will surely depict your high taste, elegance and class. Thus, instead of placing a coat ranger, shoe rack or umbrella stand, go for paintings or exclusive décor. You should choose the type of décor, depending on the size of your foyer.

A foyer is a great way to leave your guest in awe the moment they enter your place. However, nowadays they’re almost extinct. Only top-of-the-line luxury upcoming residential projects such as Piramal Aranya offer such exclusivity.

Give Your Living Room Some Lavishing & Luxe Textures

Everyone has their own definition of luxury. For some, it means expensive things, whereas, for others, it can be products made from the best quality materials.

Based on your concept of luxury, try to buy some exquisite furniture as well as home décor items for your place. However, when you’re decorating your living room, don’t go over the board. Remember to keep the true essence of the area intact. For instance, a living room is a place where your family gets together to relax so it has to be super comfy as well.   

Make Your Kitchen A la Mode Yet Functional

The kitchen is the heart of the house, Therefore, it has to be one of the most representable rooms. Having said that, as it is also the most used place in your room, you have to keep its functionality in mind when you’re trying to decorate it. Well, achieving this may sound impossible but it isn’t. You can easily make your kitchen classy yet functional. Simply add custom made designer cabinets and the best quality granite countertops along with modern faucets, hoods and hobs. Moreover, you can also add designer soap dishes and vases to your kitchen as well.

Give Your Bedroom Some Extravagance

The bedroom is your personal space within your house. And the best part is that customising a bedroom is super easy when compared with the rest of the home. Firstly, check whether your bedroom has a walk-in closet or not, because nowadays most of the luxury apartments in Mumbai for sale come with one. If you have one, you can use it as a decorative accessory too along with storing your clothes.

However, the fulcrum of your bedroom has to be your bed, bedside tables and armoire. Therefore, to make your bedroom give off luxurious vibes, you should pick your bed set with much consideration.

We hope that these decor ideas will help to enhance the look and appeal of your home.