teen orthodontists

So, your teen child got orthodontic braces? We know how painful or uneasy it feels after bracing, especially if your teen has metal braces. The teen often gets irritated within a week with the braces treatment, so they need to visit teen orthodontists Norwalk frequently. 

Chances are there; teens may feel sick and difficult during the initial days after having the braces. But you need to know that if you have metal braces, you cannot remove them. It may take 18 months to correct the alignment. The experience of wearing braces all the time is overwhelming.

So, with that in mind, we’ll discuss a few tips that help your teen have a better experience of having the braces. Let’s read about the tips. 

  • Maintain Good Oral Hygiene 

After having braces from the orthodontist, a lot of teens face trouble in cleaning their teeth. If they cannot clean their teeth to maintain oral hygiene, help them clean their teeth. Ensure to brush the teeth after every meal to avoid the growth of bacteria and trapping of the food particles in the teeth and near the braces. 

Give them floss wire so that they can clean their teeth properly. If possible, then take them to the best orthodontist Norwalk for proper cleaning. 

  • Stick to The Healthy Meals

Teeth become sensitive when you take the orthodontic treatment. Moreover, the pressure on the teeth of the braces might be painful and annoying. So, it would help to ease down the pain by choosing a healthy meal. Try to avoid eating those food materials that are difficult to chew or require pressure during the initial days of the orthodontic treatment.

Also, you can choose soft food, vegetables, and soups. This will help to avoid the irritation which occurs due to braces. A healthy meal also helps to heal from the pain faster. Make sure not to consume high sugary food items such as candies and beverages. 

If it gets stuck into the teeth space, the sugar-rich food invites bacteria that may erode the teeth enamel, which may impact the braces treatment. 

  • Give Cold Treatment 

After having the orthodontic braces Norwalk, teens may feel irritated. You may restrict the food items, but somehow, the teens may feel annoyed due to pressure over the teeth. So, if possible, provide them cold treatment. 

You can use the orthodontic gel provided by your orthodontist. The gel provides a cooling effect that may ease down the pain and give relief. Moreover, you can also give them cold refreshing treats such as frozen yogurt, popsicles, and ice cream, which help soothe the inflamed tissues. 

This is obvious that you cannot resist the teen from eating anything. But you can monitor them and provide relevant treatment whenever they feel uneasy with the pain. 

  • Help Them Avoid the Crunchy Treats 

Crunchy and chewy food items may damage the braces and affect orthodontic treatment. So, help the teen to avoid crunchy food items. Make them familiar with the disadvantage of eating crunchy food items. We understand that crunchy food items are the weakness of the teens. 

They love to munch on crunchy and chewy items. But crunchy food items create pressure on the teeth, which may affect the treatment. So, being a parent, it’s your responsibility to help them avoid these food items. You can store these kinds of food items separately so that teens cannot try to eat these food items. 

  • Regular Visit to Orthodontist 

Once your teen gets braces, it doesn’t mean you are done and need to visit when the treatment is over. Having braces means you need to care for the teeth a little extra. If your teen has braces, then make sure to take them to the orthodontist regularly. 

The regular visit is not only helpful to maintain oral hygiene yet helps to fix the braces brackets if they get loose or broken. Regular visits are also helpful to avoid any damage. 

  • Be Patient 

Braces treatment is helpful yet annoying. The constant pressure on the teeth may disturb the mood of the teens. Hence, it is your responsibility to remain calm and help them to relax. Be their support system and provide them useful tips to heal from the pain. 


Braces are painful for the teen. But if you follow these useful tips, it will help them achieve good health and maintain oral hygiene. The treatment is longer than you expect, so it would be great to be a support system for your teen all the time during orthodontic treatment.