Gable Boxes

Gable Boxes are a unique kind of packaging which helps in the protection of products. These boxes have different appearances because of their interlocking systems. The attached handles add comfort because they increase the functionality of holding the boxes. The boxes are nothing but the best solutions for packaging products. But one cannot use these boxes for packaging purposes until they are customized properly.

Here are the best tips through which you can modify them:

1) Make Them in Exact Sizes:

The exact size of the boxes matters as the standard size of the box is not appropriate to pack big items. For that, one must get Large Kraft Gable Boxes, or else standard ones will not be able to provide protection. The appropriate and exact size of the box helps in providing additional security.

Gable Boxes

These boxes are made out of materials like cardboard, kraft, etc. They are totally customizable in every way. So, it is pretty easy to opt for the exact sized boxes. A manufacturing company uses such pliable materials and carves them in the right sizes as per the requirement. 

2) Use Customization To Get Trendy Packaging:

You have the liberty to get Gable boxes in any kind of design or shape as you demand. The company has professional designers and experts who can help you to design the package. They have years of experience, and they can guide you very easily. If you have watched some distinctive shape of packaging on social media, then you can get it.

You just have to explain the specific features to your company. Besides this, you can also add windows to your desired boxes. These windows are made in special shapes and sizes, considering the requirement of the product as well as the business. One can use this tip to get trendy and viral packaging.

Gable Boxes

3) Add in Custom Inserts or Placeholders:

Custom inserts or placeholders create special spaces for the placement of products. You have often seen such kinds of boxes which carry cupcakes. They have custom inserts that help in the perfect accommodation of single or multiple cupcakes. You can add these features to package more than one product at the same time in a secure manner.

The placeholders help in creating partitions that make sure that items do not get a chance of hitting each other. This strategy helps in the packaging of products in a neat way. It also takes care of the outlook and finishing of edible items like cupcakes and donuts. These items stay intact in their special spacing without hitting each other.

4) Use Top-Notch Printing Technologies:

Gable Boxes

Customization is not a tedious task if you know your options. You can use this aspect in more than one way. Changing the shape or making designs are just some of the many extensions of customization. This option allows you to change the color of the packaging.

High-quality printing technologies are available in the marketplace. Screen, offset, digital are famous because of their smooth printing. These printing options use modern color schemes like CMYK and PMS. You can use either one to print the brown or white kraft-made boxes. This helps in changing the overall appearance of the packaging. Colors add beautification and make the boxes look charming.

5) Display Exciting Artwork:

Add visual elements to plain packaging to make sure that it pops up. You can display exciting images of the packaging products. For example, if these boxes are used for the packaging of donuts, then make sure to print beautiful images or graphical illustrations.

If strawberry flavored donuts are package in the boxes, then display images in pink color and vice versa. You can also display enticing artwork to the packages to make them look more relevant. The printed surfaces look pretty and display a striking first impression on viewers.

Gable Boxes

6) Laminate To make Professional-Looking Boxes:

The Wholesale Gable Boxes allow you to with all kinds of modifications. From customizing sizes to printing and even finishing, you have all the freedom. Various types of finishing coats are available.

These coats include matte, glossy, spot UV lamination. Metallic foiling and embossing debossing techniques are also present. You can give a special texture and appearance to the box. Moreover, some of the coats also make boxes water-resistant. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Final Words:

You can customize the Gable boxes in various ways. These include changing shapes, sizes, colors and choosing the right finishing options. Consider all your options first, and then use the customization option. There is no limitation, and hence you can choose all of the aspects accordingly. These packages are of good quality, and they make sure to provide security and protection.