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Lack of sleep, restless sleep, experiencing neck pain or headache when waking up, etc. are some common sleeping problems among elderly. And many of us might have ignored the importance of choosing the right pillow but it is as important as choosing the right sleeping bed.

To choose the right kind of pillow you need to dig deep from the quality of pillows to colors. And to help you with that we have some tips for you:

  1. Causes of Broken Sleep
  • Common Diseases

Nowadays, latent diseases are very common among elderly. Many of these diseases trouble sleeping every night. Latent diseases like:

  • Heart and lung-related diseases
  • Arthritis
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Side-effects of medicines
  • Mental disorders
  • Urethritis causing urinating over midnight
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease

So, it is advisable to assist elderly with diagnosing and curing their diseases first.

  • Using Wrong Type of Pillow

There are a variety of pillows available in the market of different brands, types, for different use. But the foremost thing to check before buying a pillow is quality-check. Make sure you don’t end up buying a low-quality pillow because quality directly affects the sleep.

There are cases where material used for pillow manufacturing is not hygienic and chances are that dust and bacteria can also accumulate on it in the transporting and selling process. This opens the door for health problems in elderly. Thus, make sure you choose an appropriate pillow with good packaging and from a good brand to give elderly a comfortable sleep.

  1. Essential Tips
  • Should Suit Sleeping Posture

We all have specific sleeping posture but for elderly those postures are mostly a permanent way of sleeping due to their old age. They rarely tumble and are mostly committed to one posture for the whole night. This may result in neck pain. As a solution to this, use a neck support pillow to rest their neck even if they sleep in one position for the whole night.

It is advisable to have another pillow too for supporting their waist or knees and to reduce pressure on joints. 

  • Go for Elegant Colors

You must have realized that colors have powers to change the mood of the people. And thus, choosing neutral and simple pillow colors would calm the elderly’s mood and will help them to sleep by soothing the environment. Going for dazzling colors will only make the atmosphere stifling and oppressive for elderly. You can even opt for different pillow cases colors. This will give a freedom of enlightening any color of elderly’s choice 

  • Should have Right Type of Support

The assumption- ‘ Soft pillows are the best for elderly people’ is completely wrong. If the pillow is too soft, it may cause headaches and degeneration in the spine. Instead, focus on materials that are elastic and sufficiently firm too. Make sure you choose a neck support pillow for elderly, as it gives support to their neck and head properly.

  1. Best Materials to Choose from
  • Feather

It is the best-buy product for elderly as it provides maximum comfort to them. But this may cause neck pain as it tends to get deflated to support the neck of the elderly. If used for a long time then these pillows are unable to give neck support to the elderly.

  • Foam Pillow

Particularly with the elderly, foam is the most appropriate material for manufacturing a pillow. It gives complete support to the head and neck of the elderly. Even after a deep and long sleep, elderly won’t suffer from any kind of body pain by using foam pillows.

  • Natural Latex Rubber

Made from 100% natural components, this material is more elastic and durable than any other types. But there are two disadvantages of choosing natural latex rubber material:

  • It may cause a headache by holding elderly’s head quite furiously.
  • These types of pillows are quite pricey.
  • Massage Pillow

Massage pillow brings technology in the traditional pillow-making method in the best way. It has 4 balls moving to 360 degrees giving constant massage on head, neck and at the back of the neck. This results in relaxing elderly’s muscles and giving them a good sleep.

Many brands even came up with the idea of producing pharmacotherapy pillows made of natural herbs. But there are many herbs that give a musty odor and might prove to be a respiratory problem for elderly. So, before investing in any pillows, make sure you have researched enough about it. Taking the advice of a physiotherapist is always advisable.

Elderly people already have short sleep cycles and if they are not accommodated with the right kind of pillow for them, it may cause many serious problems starting with irritated behavior. Investing in the right pillow will help them enjoy their sleep without any body pains. And good sleep will improve their health too.