Kitchen Sink Mixer Taps

In this modern world, people focus on comfort, pleasure, and ease of use. To upgrade your kitchen, sink mixer taps are the most versatile option. This is because a modern sink mixer tap allows control over the spout. The handle of these taps is also easy to use in turning the water on and off. Sink mixer taps come in a variety of shapes, angles, and finishes. Here is some information about the modern sink mixer taps that will help you to make a wise choice.

What Are Mixer Taps?

When you walk into your kitchen you may find two taps that would probably handle cold and hot water independently. But now you no need to two different taps in your kitchen because with kitchen sink mixer taps you can easily dial in the amount of hot and cold water you want. Modern sink mixer taps feature dual levers and a single tap that receives the content dialled in with each lever. In the lever, the right one will give you cold water and the left one will give you hot water.

The resulting temperature of the water can be modified exactly to your taste due to the dual internal mechanism. You can dial in the water temperature you want with this mixer tap. Mixer taps will be very useful and there are plenty of possible scenarios in which a mixer tap can literally change your daily life.

Why Do You Need to Install Mixer Taps in Your Kitchen?

The tap that works with a single lever means that water is not being mixed inside but rather the opposite you can only use it for one temperature. With the modern sink mixer taps, you can completely forget about the recipient. You can get all your work done effortlessly on the spot with the modern sink mixer taps. Gooseneck sink mixer is quite popular and it certainly makes a statement in the kitchen. In this tap, the spray will only go in the direction the spout can turn which is usually a 360-degree radius.

Modern sink mixer taps are very useful and they can be a game-changer especially in extreme weather conditions. By installing a pull-out sink mixer you can get your everyday work done easily and fast with minimal effort. Various modern sink mixer taps serve you different purposes.

Different Types of Mixer Taps

As you have seen above there are different types of different mixer taps. Here are some of the models available in the market that you can choose from.

Two-handle Mixer Taps

Two-handle mixer taps are the most common style that requires three holes on your sink or work surface. On each side of a single spout, you will get one lever that delivers the mix of what you have dialled. If you open one side, you will get either cold or hot water. Two-handle mixer taps are widely used by many people due to their ease of use.

Single Lever Taps

The single lever taps control the amount of water with an up and down movement and the lever can be mounted either on the sides or on top of the spout. You can install the sink mixer that best suits your environment as there are various types, shapes, and colours. If you are looking for the black modern sink mixer taps look for a black sink mixer that will be one of your best options.

A Black and chrome kitchen tap will also control the temperature of the water moving it from one side to the other. You can get your desired temperature and volume with these combinations of sink mixer tap movements. 

Monobloc Taps

In these monobloc taps, the bloc is usually in the base of the single spout and can feature knobs, a crosshead, or levers. To install the monobloc taps the only thing that you need to do is to drill a single hole in your sink or work surface. Monobloc taps are a minimalist approach to mixer kitchen taps. 

Bridge Mixer Taps

Bridge mixer taps are elegant, sophisticated, and fancy. The dual-hole of bridge mixer tap model features a bridge between the cold and hot water levers where the spout is located.

Buying Guide for Modern Sink Mixer Taps

  1. Measure the space – Before going for shopping you need to know how much space you have got at home. This is because not all taps need the same space so it is important to buy the taps that best suit your space.
  2. Know your budget – In terms of taps, you need to remember that what you pay for is what you get. So plan your budget accordingly.
  3. Think of long-term – Instead of thinking of the short-term you need to think of the long term because taps are something that will be used for long periods.

Wrapping up

Are you thinking about changing your kitchen tap? Then consider taking a step into the future and go for modern sink mixer taps. With this, you can enjoy mild water and do your everyday work with ease.