Tips to Help Your Dog Relax at the Vet

If you see that your animal feels anxious and stressed while being at the vet, then this article can be quite helpful for you. Here we provide you with excellent tips to help your dog feel relaxed. At Tranquille Vet Animal Hospital, we do our best to lessen your dog’s stress, so you can always trust our proven methods. Here are the tips recommended by our veterinary clinic Kamloops.

1) Prepare them before visiting the vet

  • Bring them in hungry

This doesn’t mean you need to withhold the food. Just avoid giving him a lot of food before the appointment time. At Tranquille Vet Animal Hospital, our vets will offer amazing treats, but if your pet has his favorite one then you can bring it with you. This way, going to the vet won’t be so stressful.

  • Stop by for a visit

We always welcome our patients who come and just visit us for fun. If you are with your dog, just stop by our clinic and we will give him delicious treats. You can also bring your pet for pee, therefore the animal will get used to our place. Our clinic is often full, so we recommend bringing your animal at lunchtime. Therefore, once your pet feels sick and you bring him to our clinic, he would think he comes to play games, eat, and just hang out.

  • Happy travels

Make sure that your dog feels comfortable while traveling. Some dogs prefer being just beside you and not seeing outside while others prefer when they watch everything passing by.

2) Getting in and getting out

  • Checking In

Your dog may feel bad around other people. So leave him in the car and come alone for check in.

  • Checking Out

You can also leave your dog in the car when your appointment is finished.

3) Have fun

  • Play games

There is no better way to make your dog feel relaxed than playing with him. Just have fun and perform a favourite trick. By engaging them, you can help him forget about tension and feel great when seeing the vet.

  • Let them sniff

Smell is important for dogs, so let him sniff as much as possible to get familiar with the environment surrounding him. Once you enter the exam room, again let the dog smell the whole room in order to explore it. Sniffing is fun for your dog and it is also considered to be a natural stress reducer.

4) Be an active and positive participant

  • Be present in some procedures

There are some minor procedures like ear cleans, nail trims and blood draws where you can be a participant as well. Ask the vet to be present so your dog won’t feel stressed when he is left alone with the specialist. You don’t need to do anything. Just being present and talking to your pet in a compassionate way can be really helpful and make him feel calm.

  • Practice at home

During procedures, the vet will certainly touch some parts of your dog’s body. So we offer you to spend time with the dog and touch them. Cuddle with him and do this during the relaxation time. Be gentle and go from rubbing the neck and chest to the hips, tail, tummy, elbows, and paws. Also, lift his lips to see teeth and hold ears in order to check inside. This is practice that will certainly help when he is at the vet.

5) Utilize supplements

Nowadays, there are different supplements available on the market that are specifically designed to reduce stress in dogs. These don’t need any veterinary prescription as well and you can buy them just for traveling or reducing his stress during the day. However, if none of these supplements are helpful and the above-mentioned tips don’t help your dog feel relaxed, do not worry! We also have very effective medications that can decrease the stress and anxiety levels in your dog.

Choose Tranquille Vet Animal Hospital

Here at Tranquille Vet Animal Hospital, our dedicated team is always there to provide quality care and help reduce your pet’s stress before the treatment. We are a top veterinary clinic Kamloops and offer many types of services including spaying/neutering, microchipping, wellness programs, senior pet care as well as vaccinations for dogs in Kamloops. Our whole team is committed to your dogs’ well-being, so we know all the concerns you will have when you bring him to us.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality and most suitable vaccinations for dogs in Kamloops with the minimal amount of stress possible. If you know that your pet experiences too much stress, just talk to us beforehand, so we can plant the whole procedure beforehand and we will have a more successful experience together.

Our entire staff is very friendly and will provide the most compassionate care towards your animal. Our veterinary clinic Kamloops is run by Dr. Anil Sharma who is a skilled vet and has served thousands of pet owners. We follow all the innovative methods and develop our services as well. By taking your pet to Tranquille Vet Animal Hospital you can be sure that you are keeping keep your four-legged companion physically strong and mentally fit. Our hospital will provide each service in friendly way so that your pet will feel comfortable. We all want to prevent your puppy and dog from ever feeling too afraid or anxious. With us, he will remain calm and play with us while running actively from one room to another. We want to give you peace of mind that your dog is safe with us and we go beyond just to create a friendly atmosphere no matter how challenging the situation is. Tranquille Vet Animal Hospital always goes the extra mile so that your furry friend will receive appropriate and comfortable pet care. Just call our customer care team and schedule an appointment as soon as possible!