dog safe during illness

Let’s accept it – dogs are like our family members and we love them to the moon and back. Those who keep dogs at home will understand the true meaning of these words. So, if you are also one of those pet owners then we are sure you will like our article. Keeping a dog healthy and always happy is easy – you just need to be attentive to them and find time to play with them. However, you should also remember that the most essential thing is to keep your animal healthy because they also get sick like humans. You as an owner, should take care of your dog in the best way possible and call a professional pet very often to get the right care.

Below we provide some important tips on how to take care of your dogs when they are sick and what to do to make them feel well as soon as possible. You are like your dog’s parent, so you should be prepared in order to keep him/her safe. Taking care of his overall health is not so difficult but very often they can get deadly viruses, fall sick and that’s where you should be ready for those challenging situations. So, here’s everything that is worth knowing when it comes to taking care of your dog.

Tips to take care of your sick dog in an excellent way:

  1. Properly examine the symptoms of your dog. We advise you to write down these symptoms in order to tell them to the vet while calling. Some of the common symptoms include restless, diarrhea, vomiting, tiredness as well decrease in appetite.
  2. Whenever you notice bleeding, seizures, unconsciousness, unable to urinate as well as breathing issues, hurry up to get in touch with the vet of your animal.
  3. Do not give food to your dog for 24 hours while treating your animal at home. However, remember to keep him hydrated as well. When you see that your dog doesn’t want to drink water as well, then it’s high time to talk to the doctor.
  4. After a 24-hour complete fasting, just give him a bland diet for two days. Be sure the diet includes protein, white rice and chicken.
  5. Go for a small walk with your dog. However, avoid making him play or do exercises during his hard time.
  6. Check how your dog’s poop and urine look and tell it to your vet. Please, don’t punish him when he poops or vomits in the middle of your house.
  7. Keep him in a place where it is not noisy as your animal needs some rest. Also, provide home with a comfortable bed to sleep well.
  8. Do not give him human food or medicine.
  9. Keep all the toxic substances and dangerous things out of reach so that your dog will be safe and won’t eat those things.

These are some of the most important things to keep in mind in order to help your dog feel better. However, once you see that you cannot do things properly, we advise you to contact us at Glenn Mountain Animal Hospital. Consult our Vet in Abbotsford and be sure we will help you no matter the challenging situation. We always focus on keeping your pet’s health perfect and delivering affordable prices. There are no hidden costs, so you can take our procedures with confidence. Our Vet in Abbotsford will first examine your dog to understand the problem. He will then discuss it with you so that you will know what the expert is going to do with your pet. Glenn Mountain Animal Hospital is ready to help you handle your pet needs. It doesn’t matter how hard the situation is, you can be sure that these vets will provide the most suitable care. We at our Vet Hospital Abbotsford are ready to cater to your pet demands as we believe each animal deserves healthy life. We never fail providing good are and that is why our clients trust us for handling many pet care services.

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For Glenn Mountain Animal Hospital, every animal is important and we do our best to provide custom solutions. We are ready for emergency situations as well. Animals move a lot, fight a lot with other animals, and very often they can fall that will cause pain to their tissues. They can also feel pain in different parts of their body and become very weak. In such cases, these animals need to get help from our experienced Vet in Abbotsford. Look no further and choose our Vet Hospital Abbotsford because we are dedicated to offering high-quality diagnostic services. When we are planning to perform a minor surgical or diagnostic procedure that can make your animal feel pain, we will use a local anesthetic and your pet will never face pain during the procedure. This means that your dog will get a loss of sensation in the exact area where the procedure will be performed. You can rest assured that we will keep your animal calm during the procedure, so he won’t face any stress for the treatment he gets. Being highly skilled and having much knowledge in every kind of treatment, our Vet in Abbotsford is always beside you to offer a compassionate care so your animal will feel better day by day. All of our veterinarians and staff are co-working in our hospital to make it a sophisticated and exceptional place for you and your lovely pets. Thus, anytime you feel that your pet feels sick and weak, hurry up to get in touch with our hospital because our experts will provide instant services. Trust us and you won’t regret it!