Top 10 iPad and iPhone Games and Apps for Kids

1. Farm 123

It is the game that he has liked the most. It is an interactive story that has mini games to learn numbers and interact with animals. Hours of fun for the little ones.

The little ones will have a great time learning to count and helping Farmer Jo in this magical pop-up book with games. Time will fly by as you chase, gather and bathe the mischievous farm animals!
Designed by experts for preschool-age children.

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Granja 123 devotes special attention to reinforcing what they have learned through games of gradual difficulty that will help your child strengthen their knowledge of numbers and their ability to order them.

It includes multiple languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. As with a real book, children can turn the pages and admire the pop-up scenes from different angles.

Beautifully illustrated with attractive visuals accompanied by charming sound effects and background music. Graphically flawless. Kids earn stars as they beat each game and motivate them to learn and play. Narrated by professional actors in four languages.

Farm 123 turns learning numbers into a magical experience. Little ones will learn the numbers from 1 to 10 through a series of incredible interactive scenes where cows jump over the moon, pigs splash in the mud and eggs hatch in spectacular fashion.

Farm 123 is the first product in the Story Toys Jr line from Story Toys, creators of the hit Brothers Grimm series of pop-up stories. » They also have other very funny and highly recommended stories. Last year I downloaded them for free with a book day promotion. They are worth it.

2. Play Mobil Knights

What child does not like knights and play mobile. A simple game that unites both things. Shining armor and clashing swords, the new Knights of Play Mobil are already in this game. Download the App for free on your Android or Apple devices and join the knights on their adventures. Travel through the Royal Forests in search of treasures. Get chests and potions. Fight against the ferocious and ugly trolls

Challenge other knights in the Land Tournament. Upgrade your team with the help of the gold coins you have collected. Having fun playing is safe for kids: no in-app purchases required – no internet links. There are other playmobils games like Play Mobil dragons with dragons or Play Mobil Mansions or Playmobils Princess if you have a girl. Quite a find for the hospital.

3. Lego City My City

Lego Games. The other game franchise together with Playmobil that will make your child enjoy. My City: the free big hit of LEGO City
Now you can play the new LEGO City My City minigames wherever you want!
We have put them all together in one app so you can show that you can be a hero. Explore the secrets of the ocean with the Deep Sea Submarine! Take part in exciting chases by car, on foot in the park, or by boat in the swamp. Put out fires in the city or pilot the Coast Guard helicopter to save the castaways from the sharks. You can even be the fastest in town by crossing the finish line first in motorcycle racing game. What if your car breaks down? No problem, drive the tow truck around town and get there before it’s too late. LEGO City needs your help also to demolish the ruined buildings. Assemble your team of demolition experts and get ready for fun! If your thing is to fly, get on the heliplane to deliver the cargo at the airport.Just make sure you dodge the oncoming traffic. 13 minigames based on your favorite LEGO City themes:

Furthermore, A internet device very special for online gaming. A powerful internet give you a full happiness in game because Network nor disturb you.

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Underwater Exploration Team, Police, Firefighters, Demolition Experts, Coast Guard, Large Vehicles, Cargo Airport, Increased Difficulty, Accumulate Points.

All Lego sets are suitable for ages 5-12. No ads or in-app purchases. There are other Lego games for iPad and iPhone that will make our geek children enjoy such as Lego Star Wars, Lego Creator Island. Well, many parents will like them too.

4. Virtuoso Piano Free 2 Hd.

A little music to tame the beasts. Very practical to learn to play the piano a little, it allows you to go from one octave to another with ease. You can press multiple keys at the same time and activate the duet mode for parents and children to use together. Gratuitous. A guaranteed time of entertainment until you learn to play Happy Birthday.