Top 10 Plants to surround yourself with During Lockdown

Lockdown has enormously changed everybody’s life in some of the other aspects. May it be mentally, physically, or in any state of mind, it has been a great roller coaster ride for everyone. People have been passing through some good and some bad phases of their life. Some have to work from home and some have to work from home. What can keep you fresh from all your problems are fresh blooming plants around you.

Lockdown has been very stressful and everyone is finding a way out from this stressful situation and that way have, you can keep getting greens at your place anytime and make your surrounding with all positivity and stress-free. Take a look at our list of top 10 plants that you can surround yourself with during lockdown and be more calm and healthy.

  1. Bamboo plants

Bamboo plants are known for their good luck and charm. You can bring them during the lockdown and pass on positivity all over your surroundings. You can easily grow them in water or soil or both of them. If you are working from home you can keep this beside you and stay fresh all your working hours during the lockdown.

  • Money plants

Taking away all the toxins from your money plant is the indirect source for your financial success, it is also believed to always have money plants at home for good luck and prosperity.

In these hard times of Covid money, plants are definitely going to help you keep calm and positive, order money plants online now only at

  • Aglaonema plants

Popularly also known as Chinese Evergreen plants helps in improving the air quality of your indoor spaces with a hidden ability to filter indoor air pollutants and toxins.

This charming aglaonema plant emits oxygen, which helps in increasing productivity and good health and well-being both in your living and working environments. It’s hugely advisable to get aglaonema plants during the lockdown.

  • Crassula ovata plants

They are also known as jade plants, helps in improving indoor air quality, boost indoor vibe, use as beautiful indoor small hanging garden, bring good luck for home which at this particular period is much needed. They are easy to maintain and need less water.

Good to get during the lockdown and add a much-needed element in your living place and working place. Order and grab your crassula ovate plant now very useful during the lockdown.

  • Croton plants

Growing plants indoors can on a good note reduce the level of toxins in your space. They are considered as one of the top 50 best air-cleansing plants. They have the ability to clean air in many ways. Hence, croton plants would be the best buy during the lockdown.

  • Snake plants

They can be kept on a window where the sunlight falls and then it spreads a good amount of magic across. They contribute to absorbing cancer-causing pollutants, including CO2, etc. they also act as an effective defense against many airborne diseases and allergies. They are good to go during hard times and would contribute well during the lockdown.

  • Dracaena plants

Dracaena plants are one of the most effective houseplants for air purification. It helps in removing carbon dioxide. By eliminating the pollutants with dracaena plants will make breathing easier, helps in fighting colds, remove airborne contaminants, and helps in improving overall health. While considering health and purification this plant fits well during the lockdown.

  • Bonsai plants

Bonsai plants help in maintaining good health. It helps in curing sore throat, fatigue, cures cough and helps relieve tiredness. Apart from all that, bonsai plants have a psychological benefit and also helps in removing your mental stress level. During the lockdown, they might really help you in distressing and other health healings.

  • Jamia plants

Has a great power in increasing oxygen levels and lowering down blood pressure. They thrive in moderate to bright light. They are good at reducing the sick time by removing airborne bacteria. One must definitely think of getting Jamia plants during the lockdown and make their space full of oxygen and freshness.

  1. Peace lilly plants

Being a showy house plant, they pass good luck and good fortune for you. It will create a pleasant atmosphere in any room. It purifies the air, beautifies room, low maintenance, safe houseplants, and by the word suggests they pass on peace in each one’s life owning it. Thus, getting peace Lilly plants during lockdown will help you in a lot of ways mentally and physically.