Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and it has some of the freshest seafood around. If you are looking for a great place to explore, then Australia is your destination. While there are many delicious dishes that can be found on Australian menus, we have compiled a list of 10 seafood dishes that you should try when visiting this country! 

There are many different types of seafood delivery that people can try in Australia. It is important to remember that there are certain species which you should definitely avoid eating if they have not been caught properly or by the wrong kind of fishing methods. However, there are also many delicious options for seafood lovers here! To get started on your top ten list, let’s take a look at the following list.

Australian cuisine is known worldwide as fresh and delicious with many restaurants serving up local delicacies such as kangaroo and crocodile meat. However, some of the most popular foods include fish and chips, barramundi (fish), prawns/shrimp, oysters, and lobster. If you’re looking to try something new while visiting Australia we recommend having a go at one of these amazing seafood options below!

The top seafood to try in Australia is a diverse list of dishes that will delight your palate and show you the best food this country has to offer. The diversity of cuisine available makes it hard to limit yourself, but these ten items are all safe bets for any occasion!

Great seafood can be found throughout Australia and its territories and down under, there’s no shortage of good eats. From lobster caught off Tasmanian shores to barramundi plucked from Northern Australian rivers – we have plenty of tasty treats on our plates. Whether you’re visiting one of our gorgeous coastal cities like Sydney or Perth or exploring some remote parts such as Tasmania or Far North Queensland – You’ll definitely want to make sure you get your hands (and mouth) on some of our fresh local fares! Fresh seafood can be bought anywhere in Australia, and if you’re looking for that big catch – there are plenty of options available to help bring the fish home.

Delight your palate with these top ten best kinds of seafood to try in Australia: 

– Lobster from Tasmania’s coastline 

– Barramundi caught from Northern Australian rivers 

– Great Barrier Reef Prawns (Far North Queensland) 

– King George Whiting (Victoria, South East coast) 

– Sashimi & sushi platters (Sydney Harbour)  (Perth City Centre or Fremantle Ports close by!)         

– Salmon caught in the Yarra River (Melbourne) 

– King Prawns from South Australia’s KI coastline 

– Seafood platters & seafood baskets (Adelaide City Centre, Glenelg beach, or Port Lincoln harbourside town!) 

– Fish and chips off Cairns’ quayside.  

– Moreton Bay Bugs (Brisbane city center or Gold Coast close by!)

In conclusion,  Australia is a great place to get your seafood fix. If you’re looking for some of the freshest fish in Australia, try fresh seafood from around Tasmania or Cairns!