serviced apartment

We’ve always been advocates for serviced apartment stays over traditional hotel or B&B accommodation but the benefits have become even clearer in the wake of Covid-19. There are so many reasons why you would need accommodation in Bristol, even though travel is discouraged. You may be relocating to the city, visiting someone in or attending hospital yourself, you might be a key worker or you need somewhere safe to wait out a mandatory quarantine in comfort. Our spacious serviced apartments in Bristol provide a much higher standard of accommodation for essential travellers. Here’s why.

1. Space to live

The most obvious difference between the two is the space. Whether you are staying for a night or a month, the extra space offered with a serviced apartment gives you the freedom to live more comfortably. PREMIER SUITES Bristol offers one and two-bedroom suites with plenty of space for groups of friends, couples and plenty of space to accommodate your family comfortably. We have a spacious living and dining space with a family-sized kitchen and bathroom and lots of storage so you’re not tripping over your suitcase at every turn. Spacious serviced apartments give you the space to live, work, cook, exercise and relax in comfort.

2. Added privacy and security

While you can close your bedroom door and shut out the rest of the world, you’re never fully alone when staying in a hotel room. You have to deal with thin walls, noisy neighbours, and diligent housekeeping staff with early morning knocks. You also have to share a dining space with every other guest in the hotel and often meet ‘neighbours’ along the corridors. When you stay in a serviced apartment, you close the door and are perfectly at home. You have the facilities and space to make yourself comfortable without interruption from neighbours, other guests, and staff, but we are always here if you need us!

3. Enjoy a private dining experience

Another major benefit of using a serviced apartment for essential travel over a hotel is the fully equipped kitchen which comes as standard in each suite. You are no longer tied to restrictive restaurant menus and dining times or reduced to perching on the edge of the bed eating with plastic cutlery. We offer you a place to cook, store, prepare and enjoy meals at a time that suits you. Not only does this keep costs down, it gives you the freedom to enjoy healthier meals and recipes whenever you want them. It’s ideal for those with special dietary requirements and fussy eaters or those who love a midnight bowl of cereal!

4. Added services and facilities

Aside from the kitchen, PREMIER SUITES serviced apartments in Bristol offer many other services and facilities that you wouldn’t find in a regular hotel. We offer a laundry service at an additional cost, but also give you the option to wash your own clothes in your personal washing machine (standard in each suite). We offer a grocery delivery service and are happy to put away your groceries before you arrive so you can hit the ground running. We offer exclusive discounts and special offers for corporate and long stay guests and all guests are welcome to join our rewards club earn points to redeem for gifts. Book your stay today to discover many more perks.

5. The “living in a suite” life

We offer guests access to our brilliant new wellness website PS Life. There you’ll find ways to improve your health by incorporating a healthy diet, regular exercise and mindfulness into your daily life. We have a full menu of recipes for you to try in the comfort of your suite and ready to eat when you feel like it. We have a selection of instructional videos for indoor exercise and mobility moves and a list of the best running routes, gyms, and bike rental shops in Bristol. We also encourage guests to take 10-minutes a day for guided meditation. PS Life also has lots of information about accessibility, lone travelling and our pet policy.

Author Bio: Katie McGarr is a daytime writer for PREMIER SUITES Bristol Cabot, a luxury serviced apartment, perfect for guests who are traveling in Bristol UK. Sharing tips and tricks about travel, food, and lifestyle is something she finds enjoyable, next to taking pictures of Tofu, her cat.