You probably know that America is an extremely beautiful and interesting country to explore. At the same time, it is full of strange and really weird places. Sometimes, it is useful to organize a trip to see the best of the best tourist stops and surprise your friends or family. By the way, most of these spots are the weirdest places in America. It’s not a problem to get there by car. For your information, will support you with the best car for your trip.

What is the best car to rent for your American road trip?

So, what car are you going to rent? It’s a rather mistaken opinion to travel by any old car. That’s because car rental companies have many attractive options, from the economy, mid-size cars, to extremely large and comfortable vans and SUVs. Each category has its pros and cons. But everything depends on your budget, f passengers, and the route you picked for the trip. So, here come the most useful types of cars for big families. To save your time, you can try a car rental app for your phone. 

  • SUVs

These large cars are good for a weekend road trip with your family. SUVs also differ by their size and characteristics. Pick one depending on the number of traveling people and needed space.

  • Vans

Large family groups may need even larger cars. Van is the best option. Minivans can accommodate up to 8 people, traveling together. Full-size Vans accommodate up to fifteen passengers and this can be really useful.

Most weird US places to stop on

1. Go to see Salvation Mountain in California

This impressive mount is covered with different colored arts. For your information, the mount is made of straws, bricks, and painted with religious phrases, prayers, Bible characters. This is the weirdest hill ever, indeed! It is called Salvation Mountain not for nothing! Visitors can come here and pray. As a rule, people leave items, donate paints and money. Salvation Mountain is a good example of public charity. Where do they spend money? They need money to support a museum and proclaim humankind.

2. Go to see Corn Palace in South Dakota

When you rent a car for traveling, everything seems possible and reachable. It is not a problem to go to South Dakota to see a weird construction. This huge building is covered with corn, grain, and greens. It looks strange and has always been a popular background for passing by tourists for taking pictures. By the way, the building is more than 120 years. It is renewed and rebuilt to become a traditional platform where locals celebrate the end of the harvest season.

3. Go to see Alien Center in Nevada

In the middle of Nevada desert, there’s a dusty unmarked road that leads straight to the gate of Area 51. Jump in your rental car and follow Highway 95 to visit the next interesting place from the list of the weirdest US places. Actually, this is a huge territory that is occupied by a military base with a gift shop for tourists, a food court, a gas station, and an alien center itself, of course. Come here and book a free tour. This military base has much to show you!

4. Go to see Ben and Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard in Vermont

How often do you visit graveyards? It’s a rather weird place for visiting, isn’t it? Drive your rental car to the Vermont graveyard. Who buried there? You can’t believe that but all the retired ice cream flavors have found some peace there. Actually, it looks like a real graveyard with tombstones and hearty poems on each stone. So, if you have ever had a favorite ice cream flavor that’s been unfairly forgotten, you can find it here, stand and observe a minute of silence in its good memory.

5. Go to see Hole The Rock in Utah

Are you going to live in a hotel? That’s great! It is important to take a good rest during the road trip and always make pauses for not to overdo it. Anyway, if you rent a car to go across Utah, stop not far from The Rock. This is a complex of 14 rooms, where you can find a zoo, a big gift shop, and a rock cafe, placed directly in a massive rock. That was a unique project to build up a zoo on the face of a rock, and it took about 12 years to implement this idea. You should park your car at the foot of the rock and pay 6 dollars to take a 15-minute tour of the hole and see zebras, bison, and other exotic animals. Don’t forget to buy a souvenir.

America is a huge country. Each and every state has something to surprise you. It’s a really weird thing but not all of these places are recommended for visiting. So, if you rent a car and going for a trip across the state, try to ask locals first what places are really worth visiting.