Raksha Bandhan signifies ‘the bond of protection, obligation & care’ in Sanskrit. This festival is celebrated in every corner of  India and also by the Indian diaspora across the globe. Raksha Bandhan honours the profound bond between brothers and sisters. On this day, the sister ties a rakhi on the wrist of her brother and prays for his happiness and peace. Brother, in return, promises to be the protector through the highs and lows of life. Despite the distance, sisters often celebrate Raksha Bandhan by sending rakhis online to their dearest brothers.

Designer rakhis can help you celebrate Raksha Bandhan with immense grandeur. These are generally made up of beads, crystals and may portray antique, coloured, traditional or quirky themes. The elaborate artworks and intricate designs reflect supreme craftsmanship and promise uncompromised quality. We offer a wide range of designer rakhis which look gorgeous and spectacular. The confluence of traditional and modern designs makes these rakhis look extraordinary.

Here are the top 7 Designer Rakhis of 2021

  1. Polished Ovals Cubes Designer Rakhi

A dazzling red cube in the centre of the rakhi is varnished and shimmers along with the other decorative elements. There are rose gold beads on both sides of the cube and antique gold canopies. The setting of the rakhi is elevated by the glittering ring stones and the braided red cotton thread. This is a great rakhi to send to India for those brothers who like simple and elegant rakhis on their wrists. The linear design of the rakhi makes it a comfortable wear for more than just one day.

  1. Alluring Grey Metal Flower Rakhi

A small metal flower is set in the centre of the rakhi. There ia a ring of twelve white stones that surround the flower. The flower and the stones are set in a golden throne. The throne is adorned on the sides by beads and stone rings. The braided red cotton thread keeps the elements in place. This delicate rakhi is a perfect rakhi for a brother who likes small yet strong designs. The design has a jewellery like feel to it and would gracefully adorn the wrists of a brother in India.

  1. Antique Button Drum Rakhi

A small golden button in the centre of this rakhi is etched in black with a tribal design. On both sides of the button there are painted beads, antique golden drums and golden decorations. The thread of this rakhi is a braided red cotton which is precisely tangled with a golden string. The uniform design of this rakhi is developed with the intent of appealing to those who like to keep their rakhis simple yet elegant. The golden string provides a tremendous aesthetic value to the rakhi.

  1. Red Golden Printed Beads Rakhi

There are five beads in this rakhi. The centre bead is a little bigger than the rest. Each bead is golden and printed with a red design. The design is random and unique to each bead of the rakhi. The design is well matched with red rondelle stones and red and golden cotton tying thread. The design is very oriental in its outlook. The entire design is set in red and golden which is the main theme of this rakhi. All the elements of the rakhi blend together to provide a very elegant look.

  1. Shimmering White Stones Rakhi

A series of shimmering white stones wrapped around a thread forms the central element of the rakhi. The rakhi design is aptly supported by pearly beads, golden flowers and other decorations. The tying thread is red with golden string entwined to provide a rich look to the rakhi. The sleek design of this rakhi is reflective of the original concept of a raksha sutra which generally was a red, yellow or an orange tying thread. This colour theme has been associated with bringing good luck and prosperity.

  1. Oriental Printed Oval Bead Rakhi

A beautiful printed oval bead is in the center of the rakhi. The bead is white with red and green flowers printed on it. The bead is surrounded by golden beads. The golden beads have very small green and red beads that match with the printed flowers. There are other white varnished beads. The tying thread is red cotton. The design provides a very contemporary oriental look to the rakhi. The white, red and green elements of the rakhi blend to provide a harmonious symphony of colours.

  1. Pyramid Solitaire Rakhi

A large topaz like light brown stone in square shape is the main design element of this rakhi. The stone is adorned by glittering golden beads and red rondelle stones, which are smaller in size. The tying thread of this exquisite rakhi is red cotton and blends well in the design. Rakhi designs that have semi precious stones look almost like a piece of jewellery. The quartz is sure to sparkle beautifully on the wrist of the brother sending him rakhi wishes of well-being and prosperity.

If you have an eye for aesthetics and are planning to send rakhi to India from USA, you can certainly send designer rakhis to your beloved brother to make the occasion of Raksha Bandhan memorable.