Are you planning to sell on Amazon? Today, 82% of American households have an Amazon Prime membership. So if you want to make money selling product online Amazon is your best choice. However, to make your Amazon FBA business profitable, you need creative Amazon selling tips. 

AMZing Marketing Agency has over 15 year experience in helping clients to sell on Amazon. AMZing Marketing is revealing the top 8 killer strategies to beat your competitors.

1. Product Optimization

If you’re a beginner and want to know how to sell on Amazon with maximum profit, then you shouldn’t neglect product optimization. 

Remember, buyers search, find and compare products before they decide to purchase. Amazon makes this process easier by allowing them to use different product attributes.

Being a seller, you should make it easier for prospects to reach your product. The best way is putting your product in the right category and provide accurate product information. Don’t forget to fill in all the details such as features, dimension, product weight etc. 

Amazon uses product information to match a buyers’ search for your product. So always make sure that your product listing includes a proper title, description, size, product search term, and identifiers.

2. Sell At a Competitive Price

Buyers shop on Amazon to find the lowest price. Therefore, you must know what price you are competing against and when to lower the price or use discount coupons to increase the sales.

Remember, having a lower price can help your items show up at the top of search results. You can use Amazon’s Match low price feature to match the lowest prices for your product.  It will help you compete on the price.

Lowering is not a long term strategy. As soon your sale rank has improved you can start increasing the price and start making more profit. 

3. Use Professional Picture for Products

There is a famous saying: “A picture is worth thousand words.”

Customers want to see 360° product pictures before making a buying decision. Therefore, you must upload multi-angle fresh pictures. Not only do professional product pictures build trust with your customers but also entice them to make a purchase. 

This Amazon selling tip alone can bring significant improvement in your sales. Before uploading pictures, don’t forget to check Amazon’s product image guidelines. Your pictures should be as per specified quality, and image size.

4. Win Amazon Buy Box or Lose Everything 

For those who don’t know, it’s the box on a product detail page where buyers can start the purchasing process by adding products to their cart.

Amazon has a top-secret algorithm to decide whose products should be shown in the Buy Box. However, some of the important things that can influence your sales through Buy Box are the availability of your inventory, your seller ratings, price, customer reviews, fulfillment options, etc.

5. Consider Fulfillment by Amazon to Increase Sale Rank

Amazon loves to have full control over your inventory. They hate you when your product is out of stock and your product listing will get a penalty in the ranking. Using FBA service is a must have condition to get the buy box as well.

Amazon Fulfillment helps you supply your products on time. It’s an Amazon program that enables you to send your products to Amazons’ fulfillment center to be stocked. Buyers can buy products from you, but Amazon will ship them.

Note: Check out FBA fees in advance for your product.

6. Keep Improving Your Performance

A lot of new sellers don’t realize the importance of monitoring performance. Starting an Amazon FBA business isn’t enough to get success. If you’re serious about success, you must monitor your performance time-to-time.

 Keep an eye on your sales, seller rating, seller reviews, refund rate, time answering emails and number of returns. See if there is any room for improvement.

7. Don’t Ignore Amazon’s Rule

Some new sellers close their eyes to Amazon rules, resulting in account suspension and penalty. If you want to leverage Amazon, you must keep up with its policies. Check out current policies here.


8. Provide Best Customer Service

Providing top-notch customer service is crucial in modern times and Amazon wants to maintain this reputation . How you interact with buyers and take care of their needs is very important. Don’t forget, people like to buy from a seller who goes extra the mile to meet buyers’ needs.

If you’re using FBA, Amazon itself will handle returns and customer service for you. However, you need to ensure that your customers get good quality products.

9. Leverage Product Reviews

Good product reviews can entice more buyers while bad reviews can rapidly lead to a decline in trust and sales. It is true that you can’t control what people say about your service and product quality, but you can improve it. If you have a good product, people will leave positive reviews naturally.

Nowadays, prospective buyers turn to reviews before making a purchase. So ask your customers to share their experience in the comment.

10. Manage Your Amazon Inventory Properly

It’s important that you manage your inventory proactively. Make sure you have stock for what you show online. Don’t forget that product availability is also crucial for winning the Buy Box. Amazon also pays attention to how many products you have left, and how fast can you sell them. 

So here are our top Amazon selling tips for beginners. Try them out to gain good profit out of Amazon.