The Click to Call solution is one of the most popular cloud communication technologies. It is a real-time-based calling widget that a company can effortlessly configure on a website or a mobile app. It enables customers to connect with a business easily by simply clicking on the widget. It submits the contact number to the sales and support team, and users get a call from the team within a few seconds.

A large number of organisations are effectively using it to increase their customer base and retain more customers. There are several benefits of the click-to-call service that businesses are getting and utilising to expand their customer base. Let’s discuss the top benefits and understand how they are beneficial to business organisations.

Easy Set-Up: The Click to call solution is easy to set up, and no elaborate infrastructure is needed. With a smart plug-and-play solution, an organisation can integrate the API and quickly install the solution into the website or mobile app.

Better Customer Experience: Every business strives to enhance customer experience. The solution helps in achieving the same by providing regional language greetings and custom hold music. It offers a personalised call experience that customers appreciate. Moreover, with skill-based routing, the call gets connected faster and provides them with quick responses. Customers get the desired solutions, and a business is successful in delivering a better CX.

Call Tracking & Monitoring: It is one of the most significant benefits of click to call service. A business can track, record, and monitor all the calls/ conversations between the agents and the customers in real-time. It can improve the process of call testing and get extensive material for Data Analysis. It helps a company improve its business operations and increase its revenue by understanding its customers well and taking the appropriate measures to improve customer experience.

IVR Menu: The IVR menu enhances the capabilities of the click-to-call solution. With the integration of the IVR’s multi-level menus, customers can navigate the menus and choose the correct option to get their queries resolved quickly. A business can effortlessly get connected with its customers and provide them a better experience.

Call Recording: Another highly noticeable feature of the solution is call recording. It allows a business to record incoming and outgoing calls in real-time. It can use the call recordings to improve its business strategy and meet the evolving customer demands effectively. It is essential to be in sync with the customers’ preferences, and the call recordings help businesses understand their customers and provide goods and services that match their expectations. It allows organisations to improve their quality standards. With the call logs details, they can give proper training to their agents in customer service.

Call Routing: Reduced customer wait time is something that every caller appreciates. Customers do not want to get stuck in long queues before their queries are finally answered. The call routing feature enables the business to forward the calls to the available agents, and the callers get quickly connected to the company representative. They don’t have to wait in long queues as the solution enables faster connectivity, and the callers resolve their queries faster.

The Final Word:

The click-to-call software is suitable for all types of businesses as every business can integrate the API into the existing website/ mobile app. It enables customers to get in touch with a business effortlessly, and the companies can grab this opportunity to convert the lead successfully into a customer. Several companies, such as Food Delivery providers and car rental companies, benefit from click-to-call service and provide enhanced customer experience. Today customers need faster connectivity, and if a business can offer the same, there’s a higher probability of higher customer engagement and retention.


The click-to-call solution enables users to initiate a call with a single tap and easily connect with a business. An organisation can effectively use technology to get more customers and promote business growth. Knowlarity is a leading cloud communication provider that has been offering multiple cloud telephony solutions to a large number of organisations pan India. The company is trusted by thousands of organisations that are effectively reaping the benefits of click-to-call service and expanding their reach and business.