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When it comes to choosing the best psychologist in Dubai, there are plenty of good options to choose from. Poor mental health is a serious concern and one should get the best treatment possible of it whether their mental health is suffering or their child’s. The psychologist and the patient have a partnership so they can work together to overcome their difficulties.

It goes without saying that psychotherapy is designed to help a person overcome difficulties. During the sessions, a supportive environment is created where the patient can openly discuss their fear, worries, concerns, honestly and confidentially. 

Professional psychologists are highly trained individuals in the assessment and treatment of mental health concerns. They identify and address problematic behavior patterns and use strategies to bring positive change in behavior strategies.

If you are seeking therapy from a psychologist, here are some of the important questions you should ask them:

Are They Licensed?

This is obvious. You must ask if the psychologist is licensed and if their license is active and in good standing. Although only a person with a particular advanced degree can use titles like a psychologist or a psychiatrist, anyone can call themselves a therapist or a counselor. So, you have to ensure that the person you are seeing is a licensed psychologist.

This means that they have an advanced degree and training in offering therapy services and the state regulates their professional activities.

How Many Years Experience Do They Have?

This is also important. You must ask the psychologist for how long they have been seeing clients. This can help you in knowing about their experience. Knowing for how many years the psychologist has been seeing clients compared to how many years they have been in practice could help you know the difference in the length of training for the different disciplines.

What Is Their Approach to Therapy?

Therapists follow a variety of approaches to treat a mental health issue. Some approaches are more focused on helping the person gain insight by exploring their past. Whereas, there are some whose treatment method focuses more on helping individuals make solid behavioral changes in their lives. The best thing to do is ask the potential therapist regarding their approach to therapy.

You can also ask for evidence of how their particular type of therapy for situations similar to yours worked out for the patient? How do they know that a treatment is working and when it isn’t?

There is no point in going into therapy if it is not making you feel better or getting you any results. So, it is pertinent that you ask the potential therapist right from the start to talk about the scientific and empirical evidence that proves that their approach is effective.

What are Their Areas of Expertise and Specialization?

A large number of therapists are generalists. They witness people struggling with multiple issues and different types of difficulties. On the other hand, some specialize in a particular skill or expertise. So, you would want to know more about this from the therapist if you are looking for a specialist in speech therapy in Dubai or some other particular need.

What is Their Fee?

Last but not the least, ask about how much they charge. Do they accept insurance etc.? Getting an answer to this question will help you if they fall within your budget bracket or not.

Asking these questions would help you make an informed decision.