Logos are an essential part of identifying a company or brand in the world, which is something fundamental, and there are currently many tools that are simple to use. Although, most inexperienced people prefer to hire a professional designer. However, online tools are great for this task, so this post is going to list the best logo makers for you.

Logos are intended to build an identity and can allow people to identify the brand. Depending on the activity of the company, it can generate sales, attract people or customers. At present, simple and minimalist designs are something sensational, so now you can use any of these free tools.

Create a free online logo


It can be considered as one of the best tools we have available to date. One of the great advantages is that it has more than 10,000 templates and icons that can be used for free. The DesignEvo logo maker is very user-friendly to use. It is localized into seven languages. And This program is ideal for creating the logo of any brand, company or business. That is why it is one of the first options.


This website is a great tool available so that any internet user can create a logo according to their needs. This is a little more limited than the first option because it has more than 100 templates ready to be edited and create a spectacular logo. In addition, there is the possibility of changing the typography, and it is a tool that works for free.


This platform is a great service available to create simple logos online and has hundreds of free templates. These can be customized by changing different parameters such as colors, typography, orientation, among others. As well as there is the possibility of creating business cards or creating a website. Without a doubt, it is one of the great options available.


It is an online tool that works wonders for this specific task. It allows you to create logos using a mobile application, and the advantage is that it has dozens of predesigned templates. Although, they are not entirely free if you have a high quality. However, the paid ones are spectacular. This app has other additional functions to make a custom logo.

Wix logo maker

This is an interesting option to create a high-quality logo, but it is worth mentioning that it is a paid tool and allows you to create social media kits. You have the possibility of using state-of-the-art tools and can be accessed for up to 11 euros per month if it is a tool that requires investment and is to be used professionally.


This tool is a great option for creating a branding kit. Which is ideal so that the identity of a company can be formed and it has a free version.


So, after that you have learned these fantasy tools, you could try one of them to create your logo for free in minutes. These tools are very easy to deal with, so you should not worry about the logo projects.