Transport availability to Capri and Naples

Planning for a trip to Capri and Naples from Rome but don’t have any information about the transportation services? If so, then you are at a perfect place. This article is written only for you guys.

Travelling is such a recreational activity to get rid of daily routine boredom. But it can be such a disaster if you don’t have enough information about the routes and the whole transportation process. It will always be best if you prepare yourself for these tiny things to enjoy your trip thoroughly.

We will provide you all the essential information about all the routes and transport mediums that will take you to Capri and Naples from Rome. Just relax and have a look at the complete article to make your trip more cheerful and comfortable.

Something about Rome:

Rome is the capital of Italy which is famous for its beautiful and rough panorama, ancient and historical architecture, and stunning attractions, including The Pantheon, Trevi fountain, Spanish Steps, and Vatican City.

Essential Tips for Hiring a Safe Cab:

It is such a responsibility to search and hire a cab that suits you from all perspectives, including money, comfort, and safety. Transport availability plays a crucial role in your journey. It can make or destroy your trip. So, before hiring a drive, always consider the following points, as they matter a lot.

·       Fulfill all Documentary Formalities:

Documentation is a fundamental step to complete before hiring a cab. Always check the license of the driver before hiring it. Make sure that the license is up to date. Even f you are hiring online, make sure to check ownership of the driver.

·       Build Your Trust:

Reputation is also an essential point to ponder when you want to travel by car or taxi. Make sure to check reviews and customer service of the driver before hiring it. These steps can save you from scams and many other problems.

·       Be Prepared and Specific About Your Journey:

Always be clear and specific about the type and size of vehicle you want. It would help if you chose your pick-up place and the destination place along with the route you want to go through before hiring any cab. Moreover, be specific about your budget and don’t fluctuate it.

·       Budget:

Before hiring any drive, your budget should always be clear. Search vehicles according to your budget and be careful about it. It would be best to ask an experienced person about the fare of the selected route so that the driver may not charge you high. Specify your budget and travel accordingly.

·        Scams and Frauds:

While traveling through private cabs or taxis may have risks of scams. So you should be very insightful about this. Always keep a firm eye on the driver. Before hiring him, make a judgmental call to make sure your safety. Checking the reviews and customer service of the driver also help a lot.

Be attentive during the drive and make sure that the locks and handles of the car are in good condition and can be open in a hurry. All these steps lower the chances of scams to many extents.

Transport Mediums Available from Rome to Capri:

Capri is one of the central and stunning tourist attractions near Rome. It is an island in Italy famous for its beautiful landscape, astonishing architecture, luxurious hotels, and fancy shopping places. As Capri is an island. So, there are only two ways to go to the Capri. The first one is by air and the other is by sea.

The car service from Rome to Capri is also available, as first of all, you have to travel from Rome to Naples either by availing car service from Rome to Naples or by using any other medium. Then from Naples, you have to take a ferry to the island, Capri. Some common methods which are used to travel from Rome to Capri are discussed below:

  • By train to Naples and then by ferry to Capri. You can also get a ferry from Sorrento. For this, you will have to reach Sorrento then take a ferry to the island.
  • Car service from Rome to Naples and then by boat to Capri. As the direct car service from Rome to Capri is not available. So, you have to change your vehicle after reaching Naples.
  • By water boat.
  • By air. The helicopters are the most expensive way to reach Capri. But eventually, it saves your time and worth the money.

Transportation from Rome to Naples:

Naples is also a city in Italy. It is at a distance of approximately two and half hours drive from Rome. Naples is quite dangerous for tourists because of the high chances of street crimes. So, it needs a lot of attention while choosing a  drive. There are the following standard travel options from Rome to Naples.

  • You can avail car service from Rome to Naples. It is an expensive option, but you do not have to worry about your luggage and time if you are traveling in the car.
  • The second option that you can choose to go to Naples is train. The three main trains depart from Rome to Naples are Eurostar Frecciarossa (TAV), Intercity, and Interegionali
  • The helicopter is another option to reach Naples from Rome. However, this is the most expensive one, but the time it saves worth the money.
  • Buses are also available for Naples. But they do not function at night. So, you have to choose another drive if you are traveling at night.


In a nutshell, if you want to travel to Capri and Maples from Rome, you have many options to opt for traveling. These also include car service from Rome to Capri and car service from Rome to Naples, which are very safe and comfortable.

All you have to do is to keep in mind all the tips mentioned above to enjoy a scam-free and comfortable drive. So, take a deep breath, read the article, and you can successfully plan a travel journey to Capri and Naples from Rome.