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Courier, is a very common word that we use in our daily lives to deliver services and products. 

Couriers define general mail services as their speed, security, tracking, etc. It provides express delivery, standard delivery, which is completely optional for everyday mail services. If you want to avail premium services which are more expensive than standard mail services. 

Courier services operate with specific towns or cities, national or global services. Courier services mainly used courier software which provides electronic delivery proof and electronic tracking details. 

India also includes many international courier services DHL, FedEx, Blue Dart Express, Ekart, DTDC, VRL Courier Services, Delhivery, Amazon.com and Gati Ltd. Many local couriers operate across India, and they can be tracked online. In India, India’s courier service has around 155 thousand branches, 139 thousand in rural areas and 16 thousand in urban areas.  

Are you quite confused about what mode of shipping to get your product, Nationally or Internationally? So let’s discuss types Of Courier Shipping Modes.

Types Of Courier Shipping Modes 

There are three modes of transporting cargo or other goods and delivering to their destination. A company may choose any shipping mode to deliver its product. The mode of shipping depends on the types of goods, weight, area etc. 

Let’s discuss the different types of shipping modes. 

Shipping By Air

This mode of transport includes aircraft to transport goods. Undoubtedly, Air transport is the fastest mode of transport. It does not have any natural barriers and is the most convenient mode of shipping.  

Airfreight service can deliver many items simultaneously, except any heavyweight goods because this kind of goods cannot fit inside the aircraft. Even airfreights are not considered that kind of goods. 

As we know that the perishable goods are not kept for long, if we order them from outside, sometimes they are late delivered, and by then they are spoiled. Air shipping proves the best shipping mode to cure this issue, but it is quite an expensive mode compared to other modes of transport. 

With air transport, you can make your packages delivered in the time of 1 to 2 days.

Privileges by Air Transport 

  1. Faster Delivery
  2. Suitable for Perishable Goods

Shipping By Land

Land shipping is one of the oldest modes of transporting goods. This is the most useful mode because it delivers goods across the country or neighbouring borders. There are some vehicles which transport goods via roads and rails such as.

Rail Transport: Rail shipping has many advantages, and you can easily avail of them. If your business is situated near a railway station, you can directly load your goods into the train and deliver them to other destinations. As we know, India has the largest railway network in the whole world.  

Road Transport: shipping by road involves long-distance delivery and short-distance delivery in local areas or intra-city deliveries. Short-distance deliveries done by the two-wheelers like motorbikes, bicycles etc. 

Whereas long-distance deliveries like trucks and mini trucks are mainly used to transport goods with huge spaces to ship heavy and bulkier items such as construction site material, vehicles, etc., it might take longer to reach the final destinations. 

Shipping by land is more suitable for heavy goods. You can even ship items by using this mode like televisions, ACs, refrigerators, etc., for this kind of item you can check tata ace price which is more convenient to manage all goods to deliver. The time taken by land shipping is quite high, around 3 to 5 days. 

Privileges by Land Transport 

  1. Suitable 
  2. Cheaper for heavy and bulky goods

Shipping By Sea

Shipping by sea is done for many purposes like military or commercial. It is a model used to ship larger quantities of products where goods are packed into containers and containers loaded into a vessel. This mode can deliver almost everything, but its process of shipment or delivery is quite slow. 

Privileges Of Sea Transport 

  1. Cheap          
  2. Safe 
  3. Suitable for all types

Types Of Courier Shipping Services

Shipping services have become the main part of today’s society. It provides many job opportunities to many people. Presently, there are over 7,500 delivery services in the country. Here we are with different types of courier shipping services which you need to know.

Standard Services 

If your business is completely dependent on courier services, standard delivery proves one of the best services.

Standard courier services follow some guidelines like weight, packaging, charges etc. It takes approx 2 to 3 days for your package to reach you in the best and cheapest way.

Same Day Delivery 

This service is very popular because you can get your package on the same day as you order it. But this service has some restrictions also. They assure you that they can arrange a route to your parcel. 

Overnight Shipping Services

Mainly courier services work from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm, and then they take no more packages.  Overnight services are suitable for businesses who can’t get their goods during working or rush hours. 

We hope you find knowledgeable information from this content and get more updates about courier services and modes of shipping courier. For more related i9nformation, keep in touch with Truck Junction.