Uber Alternative App

Taxi booking apps gave a whole new dimension to mobile applications. The arrival of taxi booking apps paved the way for the launch of many other apps for different services. Uber is the pioneer for taxi booking apps and was the first to enter the market. With easy-to-operate taxi booking apps, people became more comfortable using the app for booking their rides. The success of Uber has motivated many individuals to launch their Taxi apps for booking rides. 

Now, the taxi-hailing market is very competitive with the arrival of many so-called apps. If you are an entrepreneur with a vision to launch a taxi booking app, then Uber Clone will be the best option for you to initiate your business. Investing in an Uber-like app will be an excellent start for you. This blog will let you explore the taxi booking market and ways to develop a budget-friendly taxi-hailing application. 

Statistics of the ride-hailing market 

As mentioned earlier, the taxi booking market looks so competitive with the debut of new taxi booking apps every day. The pioneer taxi booking app – Uber, remains a strong competitor for the rest of the other apps. Uber occupies a market share of 70% altogether. It is one of the significant players in the market, and it is available in more than 71 countries with nearly 55% monthly users. 

Currently, Uber has 93 million users and 3.5 million drivers who use the app. In 2020, Uber generated around $26.61 billion in revenue. The skyrocketing success of Uber results from its efforts to provide hassle-free fast rides at affordable prices. Nowadays, people prefer taxi booking apps to book rides because of the unique features like real-time tracking, fare calculator, scheduled arrival and departure, and many more. 

So, it is wise for entrepreneurs to develop a reliable and viable app to sustain themselves in the market. With an Uber clone app, you can successfully launch a robust application for your business.

Ways to start a taxi booking app like Uber 

Analyze the market 

Before starting a business, it is essential to understand the nature of the market. On analyzing the market, you will be able to grab the needs and demands of the market. The statistics and market performances will help you to sketch a strategy for your business. Through your market research, you can also fetch details about the behavioral patterns of the customers. Gone are the days when people used to wait patiently for booking their rides. Now, they have become sophisticated with taxi booking apps. So, this indicates the demand for taxi booking apps among people. 

Know your prospects 

When you decide to launch your taxi booking app in a region, it is essential to research the demographic pattern of the area. Through demographics, you can understand your prospects. Prospects are the target audience whom you will be focusing on to market your app. The next step is to find your competitors and their strategy to captivate the customers. 

Select a business model

After studying the taxi-hailing market, you can zero in on a business model for your business. There are two types – individual and aggregator models. In aggregator mode, you will join the third parties who run taxi businesses and offer business opportunities to them. If you are building an aggregator model, the investment is less when compared to the individual brand. Analyze the scope of various aspects and then select a business model for your taxi business. 

Decide on the type of taxi services

When it comes to taxi booking apps, there are different types of services, each catering to different needs. Note that each of the service models has its users. For example, there are carpooling apps, ride-sharing apps, and taxi booking apps. So list down the services and consider the pros and cons of each model. It is important to find a feasible method according to your budget.

Hire a team of developers 

This is one of the most critical stages where you have to find the right people to assign them to develop a robust app for your business. Since we are discussing developing a budget-friendly app, you can opt for ready White – label Uber clone apps pre-built with the same distinctive features of the standard Uber app. 

Building an app from the ground up is a tedious task that involves a lot of money, and it is also time-consuming. Instead, you can opt for app development companies that are well versed in handling cloned app development. Opting for a ready-to-launch app will also save your time, and you can also aim for a quick launch in the market. 

How much does it cost to develop an app like Uber?

Once you are ready with the sketch of your app, you can approach the app developers. The cost of developing an app depends on the time spent by the developers for each feature and for testing them before the launch. The price for developing an app predominantly depends on the features you opt for. Now, let us explore the various factors that affect the cost of developing an app.

App platform – When you opt for a cross-platform compatible, you can launch your app on both Android and iOS servers. The cost of developing an app varies for each server. If you choose to embark on both Android and iOS, the price will be pretty high.

App design – The app design refers to the UX and UI, which are essential to provide a better user experience and user interface. In-app method, you can choose between the theme and colors for your app. This also plays a significant role in determining the cost of app development.

App size – The app size refers to the number of features that are incorporated in the app. While launching an app, it is better to go with the basic features. For every additional part, you will be paying an extra cost.

Wrapping up,

Taxi booking apps have gained popularity among people because of their features that make it easy for users to schedule their rides. Launching an Uber clone app with cutting-edge features will be a great starting point for your business. So, approach the best developers in the town and get your robust Uber clone app.