Ultimate Guide_ Top Popup Banner WP Plugins and How to Use Them

Nowadays, the internet is full of many websites and competitors all seek for the best attention of their potential clients. That is why each website should try to stand out. Now a question arises – How? The answer is Pop up banners. Remember, when you popups are done properly, you will get the attention you deserve. Thus, you can financially capture your visitors’ hearts and minds.

Being a famous content management tool, WordPress supports pop-up functionality. It means you will be able to design an appealing website and attract many visitors. You will have no difficulty in installing the right pop-up because WordPress allows you to create it in just some minutes. Moreover, there is no coding included.

Today, our write-up is about some of the best popup plugins for your WordPress website as well as some useful tips on how to create great popup campaigns.

Why Use Popups on the WordPress Website

In fact, popups are quite helpful and useful. Due to them, visitors can easily click and buy your products or just subscribe to your channel. Popups offer the needed information for your visitors. Though one can ignore that message, he will certainly see that popup no matter how fast the “X” will be clicked on. Below, we have provided some reasons why you should use popups:

  • Popups are diverse

Whatever you want to promote you can put it in a pop-up. Whether it is a sale, new event, opt for popups and gain the needed amount of social media followers. When information is appeared in front of site visitors, they get more engaged.

  • Popups bring proven results

The website conversion can increase due to popups.

Based on research by Superoffice, when you use a popup linking to a page can result in 25% of people clicking becoming real leads. So in order to get the most perfect results, you are highly recommended to add a pop-up banner to well-known websites.

On the other hand, AppSumo is committed to collecting information about what especially attracts visitors. They researched the best pop-up texts and realized that those popups which contained a discount code were very efficient. People choose the site which offers them a coupon.

Popup Uses

Here we provide you with a number of amazing ideas on how to use popups:

  • Email opt-in

An email opt-in pop is used in order to collect different email addresses for subscriber list building.

  •  Social media follow

This is a very effective method nowadays. The popup which includes links that take visitors to your business website can leave great results. It will increase the number of your potential customers. 

  •  Exit-intent

When a visitor wants to leave your website, a popup appears and it keeps visitors on your site.

  •  New product

You can market different products that could be interesting for your visitors.

  •  Discount

In order to encourage more sales, we offer you to give your first-time visitors a discount.

  •  Introduce content

Another tip is to place a link in the popup’s content. This lets your readers to read your blog or download your new ebook.

  •  Site direction

You can also add a link to some necessary pages in your popup. This can include various answers to questions like “where your store is”. As a result, your readers will take actions directly to the places they are interested in.

Important things to remember

Note that there are many people who just don’t like popups and they will leave that website with popups immediately once they notice them. So if you don’t get popups right, it will bring bad impact.

Just keep these things in mind:

  • Be sure that popups don’t slow your site

When a website is loading slowly, you will lose many customers as people can’t stand it. A slow website will also reduce your website’s SEO. So if you notice that your popups slow your website then tray another popup management tool.

  •  Too many popups can leave visitors annoyed

Popups should never annoy users. It should encourage and not push. Bombarding your visitors with many popups will never bring you excellent results.

  •  Avoid ugly popups

Your popups should not have errors, a lot of annoying texts, and blurred images because it can leave a very bad impact. Just try to include simple popups if you cannot invest in hiring a professional designer.

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