Use of HVAC System And Its Types

The HVAC system is the heating ventilation and air conditioning system of your house. This system is essential and increases the worth of your house as it provides heating and cooling to residential and commercial buildings.

A building that stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter keeps the organization’s employees comfortable, and this is something nobody will take for granted. Understanding the commercial building’s HVAC system is essential for many reasons and one of which is you can keep the system working instead of bearing the hot weather when something goes wrong.

What is the Work of a Commercial HVAC System?

An HVAC system is an integral part of a modern building as it is in charge of keeping the temperature of the building moderate, usually 72 degrees. Moreover, it keeps the humidity level between 40-60% and the indoor air quality high.

Following are the standard functions performed by various HVAC systems:

  • The temperature of the room decreases using an air conditioner as the air passes through the refringent or water-cooled system. The AC also removes the excess moisture present in the air in this process.
  • The heating system works opposite to the cooling system and keeps the building warm in cold weather. The air passes through the system where coils, gas, and radiator heat the air making the temperature rise.
  • Ventilation keeps the air clean from dirt and debris as it circulates through the fans and passes through the filtration system.

Life of an HVAC System:

With every second increase in development of technology and continually changing environment, HVAC systems require special care and may need updates more often. The commercial HVAC system requires proper maintenance and can last for about 10-15 years. You can also find the maintenance services by searching commercial HVAC services near me online.

Following are some factors that can impact the life of the HVAC system.

  • The climate of the area and user damage
  • Efficiency and the quality of the system
  • Installation and maintenance

Maintenance of HVAC System:

Regular maintenance of the HVAC system can keep the system working efficiently for an extended period. Moreover, continuous maintenance maximizes the life span of the HVAC system and reduces the energy cost and repairing cost.

HVAC maintenance services include the following tasks:

  • Inspection and maintenance of all the outdoor components
  • Measuring refrigerant level and recharging it if required.
  • Indoor cooling systems like blowers, belts, evaporators, and other cooling systems are inspected and cleaned.
  • All air filters are checked and periodically changed
  • Testing of control system
  • Visual inspection of thermostat
  • Heating components like burner, ignition system, and other components are checked.

For the maintenance of the HVAC system, hiring the professional is essential as they are well experienced and perform their work efficiently. You can find them by searching commercial HVAC services near me online for the HVAC system of the commercial building.