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Vault and strong room door removal anywhere in South East Queensland. Sounds simple however it can be a complex job. Most vaults and strong rooms are located inside commercial buildings. As such we can do the job after hours to minimize the impact on business trading. There are two main types of vaults and two types of doors we see in Australia. The first is “insitu vaults” which is simply a vault or strong room that has been constructed as part of the building.
When the Banks first started opening branches throughout Australia they made the strong room as a standard requirement. However the problem they found was that after they closed down a branch the cost of these strong rooms were not recoverable. To alleviate this they insisted all the new vaults were removable or modular. These modular vaults “bolted together” and could be easily removed when the Bank vacated the building. The doors attached to both insitu vaults and modular vaults are usually Bankers grade and as such weigh around 1400 kg,
The second type of strong room door is not actually a strong room door as such although it looks very similar from the outside. This second door is called a “book room” door and they are as the term describes. Only used on a room used for the storage of records and documents. These book-room doors are not designed to withstand an attack from criminals. Very often the Banks had other heavy Bankers grade safes positioned inside the same.
Removing a banker’s grade door is quite common as most people want to make use of the room. Removing the door and frame is less common as this is considerably harder to do.  By comparison, removing a Bookroom door and or frame is a relatively easy job.
We can also install both strong room doors and book room doors. Book room doors are highly sought after for use in an armory. Modular or demountable vaults can also be removed however they usually weigh between 14 to 32 tonne and may take a little more effort, regardless call us today to discuss any aspect of the above on 1300 556500

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