Vintage streetwear is definitely taking the mainstream’s spotlight again. Vintage streetwear can be seen worn by everyone, from chic vintage to sporty outfits to grunge. Big faces like Kanye West and Travis Scott have made this 90s streetwear a trend to be popular again. 

If you love streetwear but you don’t want to lose a lot of cash for designer pieces and overhyped streetwear items, don’t worry! We’re here to help you out. 

Understanding ’90s Trends First! 

During the ’90s, the trends were totally different from the trends of the ’00s and ’10s (yes, this is obvious) where the focus is centred on minimalism, earth tones and charm in tailoring and fabric. On the other hand, the ’90s love to play aesthetics, colour, and design. Since there is a big amount of love for designs and colours, any type of ’90s outfit should incorporate a healthy amount of colour. 

Primary colours are the ones that will work best for styling. From these colours, you may find proper colour-blocking and begin to create bold, interesting ’90s fits. Aside from primary colours and colour blocks, tie-dye is an amusing experiment in vintage fashion as long as you maintain your tie-dye outfit as the staple of your style. Never pair your tie-dye with many other patterns and other primary items. The aim here is to be colourful and laid back, not conflicting and painfully out of place. 

Baggy Pants 

If you want to nail the actual ’90s streetwear style, your pants must be baggy. The flower and baggier the fit, the better. This is particularly functional for more alternative looks, as skaters, punk, and grunge kids all appreciated the comfort and the baggier style of jeans and shirts. This literally means that your favourite skinny jeans are not as grunge as you are thinking. So, choose the baggier ripped pair of denim, and skip the Supreme for something more real and valuable. 

Graphic Tees

A lot of fashion trends in the ’90s like the graphic tee that was influenced by a subculture of the time, which in this case is by the skater boy. During the 1990s, skaters and bands began to use this stylish t-shirt to promote their brands. Currently, graphic tees come in a wide variety and are usually have a touch of humour. You may also create your own with a classic screen print technique.  


Windbreakers give a casual look that has highlighted the colour blocks that moved from the ’80s into the ’90s. These windbreakers are usually light and casual and often matched with denim for a quintessential aesthetic that is surely back in style. 


We will not miss the sneakers on our list, of course! Sneakers made a massive factor in vintage streetwear. We probably all know the big brands like Nike and Adidas. During the ’90s, Nike released the iconic Air Max line, together with the large variety of retro runners that currently made a comeback and the timeless Air Force 1s. Also, the brand produced a big host of basketball sneakers from the Air Pennies to the Jordans. Although Nike dominated the vintage sneaker market, Adidas also had an equal share of the industry, with classic vintage sneakers including the Superstars, Sambas, Crazy Eights, and EQTs. 

Of course, another massive factor in vintage streetwear is sneakers. The big players, obviously, are Nike and Adidas. Nike had the iconic Air Max line in the ’90s, as well as a huge variety of retro runners that are currently making a comeback and the obvious Air Force 1s.

The brand Reebok also had several classic iconic shoes including the Classic Leathers, Club C, the QuestionMids, and Pumps. All of these shoes are sporty, but if you want a less casual sporty look, Vans Old Skools or Chuck Taylors will help you nail both vintage and modern. 

Where to Buy ’90s Streetwear 

Setting up your vintage wardrobe doesn’t have to be that complicated, and expensive too. Yes, you may splurge on the Adidas site and waste tons of cash on new things that look old, but there are greater ways to do it. 

You can try visiting thrift stores, it’s one of the best places to find rare vintage items. Aside from getting stuff at a way cheaper price, most items there are worn and faded, which is not a bad thing! It only helps increase the vintage aesthetic vibes.