Waste Management

It is one of the leading providers of municipal solid services of waste management san Diego CA. The firm has been acknowledged by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as qualifying as an approved nationwide waste management contractor for its service of providing colocation facilities for landfills and waste management.

Waste Management, Incorporated also deals with the ERP implementation in order to streamline the functions across its various units. At the current time, its business units are Health Care Equipment Solutions (HCE), Waste Management Services (WMS), Waste Treatment and Recycling (WSDR), and the Global Logistics & Logistics Solutions (GLOS). HCE includes the manufacturing, transportation, retail and HVAC industries. WMS includes the mining, chemical, food and beverage, municipal solid waste management and the dairy and poultry industries. The GLOS includes the aerospace, chemical and power sectors.

In its endeavor to be the world’s leader in waste management and recycling efforts, Waste Management, Incorporated has come up with a host of waste management technology solutions that will facilitate the effective management of municipal solid waste. These waste management systems include Wheelabrator Technologies, Scrubbers, Scaffolders, Extractors, Litterizers, Advanced Composting Systems and Roll off Machines. These are just a few of the waste management technology solutions that the company has developed to help effectively manage the current and future waste generation situation that the world is faced with today.

The Wheelabrator Technology is a patented modular waste management system that reduces the total volume of garbage collection, processing, transporting and disposal. The patented Wheelabrator, a portable and retractable scraper, rotates and collects the waste from the waste stream. It is attached to a vehicle and travels to the waste point, removes the waste and places it into a collection bin or container. The scrap metal from the wheelabrator is then recycled for use in other components of the waste management system. The Wheelabrator can even break down larger pieces of waste into smaller pieces for easier transport and convenient disposal.

The Scaffolders and Scaffolding technologies are designed to assist in the rapid transportation, processing and disposal of municipal solid waste. A combination of heavy-duty rotary scrapers and scaffolding is used to collect the waste at the waste point and transport it to the landfill. The recyclable materials from the waste management systems are then deposited or compacted at the landfill. If the waste is not compacted, it can pose a serious hazard to the landfill or the environment. The waste management companies have developed strategies for each scenario so that they will be appropriately addressed. For instance, if too much waste is collected; a Wheelabrator is used to mechanically compact the waste.

A final solution that you will see with Waste Management Solutions is the advanced composting toilet. This unique waste disposal system allows homeowners to conveniently recycle their own organic matter by simply adding water and organic matter to a composting toilet tank. Once the waste mixture is completely processed, it is then flushed down the toilet and out of sight into the sewer. Not only is this system more environmentally friendly; it also saves homeowners money on their garbage disposal.

Municipal solid waste management services are intended to improve the quality of the community as a whole. You will want to consider your options for waste disposal methods to ensure that you and your family are able to properly dispose of the waste that you produce. Consult with waste collection companies to see what your options are and what they have to offer. Waste management can make a huge difference in your community. Get on board today!