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One of the most powerful SEO tactics is link building. But, same kind of link building may not work for everybody. You may boast a perfect technical setup and the best engaging content. But, Google will never provide the needed reward to your website if you fail to include the particular types of links indicating authority to your website.

You should include highly informative and relevant content and feed the right people to get links from equitable websites. Be careful not to waste time on any irrelevant site. Approach good sites for guest posting, execute resource page link building, and broken link building.

Any reputed SEO agency in Toronto always suggest these vital points:

If you want successful link building, you must boast the right content for the targeted audience.

Time management is extremely important as you have to omit multiple irrelevant sites in short period and focus on the best fitted ones.

Disqualify in bulk:

After ensuring that your content can solve the underlying issue, take help of powerful tools such as NinjaOutreach, Scrapebox, and Pitchbox for availing potential sites that will be ideal to reach out. You may get a wide range of valued sites, but only few will actually work for you. Omit the irrelevant ones and work with the high-quality sites.

Rule out URL parameters:

Select the basic list of websites depending on certain words in their URL prior to concentrating on the metrics of a website. Remove rows that include footprints such as ‘news’, ‘wiki’, and ‘forum’. Then, eliminate blatant guest posting websites. Do not use sites that are solely designed for guest bloggers. Sites that are specially made from guest posts can serve your purpose. Usually, these websites remain a part of a PBN or Private Blog Network which brings low or negative impact on your efforts of link building.

Again, you may not disqualify all sites. You will find certain sites having high metrics but poor quality. These sites are only created for rankings. Do not accept these types of sites. Be sure that all the backlinks relate to the target page from the perspective of the topic and context.

Relevance and topical authority are crucial for satisfactory results.

Top SEO tools suggested by an esteemed SEO agency in Toronto:


It is considered as second to Google. It stands among the largest website crawlers in the world. The site audit feature is regarded as the best SEO analysis tool. It gives you the idea about the particular part of your website that is asking for improvement to rank better. From the viewpoint of competitor analysis, you can make use of Ahrefs for determining backlinks of competitors which can work as a valid starting point for your brand.

Besides, you can use Ahrefs for checking and fixing broken links. You will avail an overview of best-performing pages.

Google Search Console:

Google Search Console comes free of cost with websites. You can monitor and report the presence of your website in Google SERP. Just verify your site by adding a particular code. Also, you can check Google Analytics. Put forward your sitemap for the purpose of indexing. You will gain control over the aspects of your site getting indexed and the way your site is represented with the specific account.

You can understand how Google users view your site. You can easily optimize your site for better performance in Google SERP. New website owners definitely find Search Console beneficial as they can submit their web pages for the aim of search indexing.


SEMRush lets you access your site’s ranking and recognize changes along with opportunities for new rankings. The Domain Vs Domain analysis is the most attractive feature. SEMRush lets you clearly understand your site’s search data, competitors, and traffic. You can compare domains and keywords too. Another tool that is On-Page SEO Checker allows you to monitor your site’s rankings and find recommendations on the way to improve performance of your site.


KWFinder lets you get long-tail keywords having less competition. This SEO tool helps you to find the best keywords. You can conduct report analyses on SERPs and backlinks. There is a tool called Rank Tracker that helps you to determine your site’s ranking along with tracking the site’s improvement depending on one main metric. Avail of many keyword ideas for getting a higher site ranking.

Moz Pro:

It is considered one of the finest SEO tools that non-link-builders can use according to any accredited SEO agency in Toronto. You can avail an insightful response to any site-related question if you use Moz Pro. It acts as a powerhouse when it comes to site crawl and keyword recommendations. You will know the way to improve your site and monitor its performance. The free MozBar tool allows you to identify a site’s metrics during browsing.

Conclusion: If you follow the guidelines given by a top-notch SEO agency in Toronto and use these powerful SEO tools as mentioned above, you can surely make your website a truly promising one.