Traditional jewellery is often considered too heavy to be worn every day. You need to wait for an occasion when you can unbox your treasures and adorn them. The delicate kundan necklace, or the pearl bangles and chunky finger rings demand not only to be seen by to be the centre of attention. Traditional jewellery often has sentimental value and has years of love and care attached to it. Most ethnic jewellery pieces are family heirlooms that are packed away till a wedding or a festival calls for it. Well, you can now accessorize your daily clothes with these beauties and can look stunning every day. The best way to honour and celebrate this rich history of jewellery is by wearing your favourite piecesnow and then.

Let us look at some outfits that can be dramatically changed with traditional jewellery pieces.

  1. Silver– A flowy and breezy skirt paired with a top or a maxi dress can be refined by adding a silver choker to the mix. Silver items are versatile and can be easily paired with any item of clothing. If it is a boat neck or a closed neck, you can even think of adding those heavy earrings. Only chandelier earrings without a neckpiece can look great. If the clothes have a solid colour, you can add a chunky necklace with embedded stones and colourful threads. Oxidized silver gives a rustic look to the jewellery. Bangles, earrings, necklaces, and rings of oxidized silver can be worn with casual Pakistani clothes as well. These look great paired with jeans as well.
  2. Pearls– Pearls are the safest choice when it comes to pairing formal clothes and jewellery. A single pearl for earrings and a simple line in the neck can look classy and formal as well. Well, you can think of adding a bit more pizzazz to your outfit by opting for a multi-tier pearl necklace and a sparkling pendant. To take a look at what is available in the market currently, you can visit this page. Pair simple earrings with a heavy necklace to keep things fresh.
  3. Bangles – Traditional bangles generally include a splash of shine and the goodness of pearls. These can be worn when you are wearing a gown or a long-sleeved shirt. Bangles and kadas can be coupled with a maxi dress having long sleeves as well. These can be used to amp up your style quotient when yournecklaces cannot be used. Wearing bangles and complimenting earrings can make an effective team.
  4. Rings – Rings are the easiest accessory to utilize in your daily looks. Rings can look great with a kurti, gowns, dresses, shirts, and casual tees with jeans. A big chunky ring can be worn with some dazzling earrings. If you are a fan and want to wear rings with every outfit, you can choose sleek rings to go with your formal outfits. Rings with matt finish (wooden or lac) can be paired with cotton clothes and can up your style quotient.
  5. Anklets – You can pair these with pants and a tee or skirts as well. These give the feet some extra bit of attention.

Accessorizing is an art and it is completely up to you how you wish to wear the jewellery pieces you have.