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The world is currently in a phase wherein we are all in a roller coaster ride. We have experienced many ups and downs lately but one thing is certain that we did come out with innovative ideas to keep the business rolling to survive in this uneventful time of COVID-19.

Ever since the world became more digital-friendly, webinars, virtual events & conferences have become the new normal and have been thrown around quite a lot these days, especially in the corporate world.

But there are a few questions asked by many organisations- what do you mean by virtual events and webinars, what differentiates the two? Which platform to choose to host an event online? If you are looking for an answer for the above mentioned questions- congratulations, your search ends here!

In this particular blog, we have made a quick comparison between webinars and virtual events, which platform can be more reliable for your business and a lot more! Let’s get started!


Today, with the advanced technology, you can offer a wide variety of engaging and interactive solutions through a stable internet connection. And choosing the best solution dependents upon business-to-business. A platform that offers you a  dynamic virtual event can be the best bet as you can deliver immersive real-time experience to your audience. Undeniably, in-person events hold their own value, but a dynamic virtual platform has rejuvenated the look and feel of what in-person events used to provide.

The demand for online events is exponentially rising alongside webinars. But how do we know the difference between the two?

The most frequent question raised is why virtual event service providers provides virtual event services as well as live webinar services. Custom webinar options, as well as customisable event solutions, are available via a robust virtual event portal. Now that we have a clear idea of what a webinar and an online event are, let’s look at the key distinctions between the two.



A webinar, which stands for “web-based conference,” is a shared and engaging way for you to engage with the participants in a personal environment where learning is emphasized. The standard protocol is for a host to be accompanied by one or more presenters for a fixed period of time, typically about an hour, to discuss a subject.

Aside from the basics, webinar channels can have a variety of multimedia features such as video feeds of the host speaking, slide sharing, whiteboards, polls, and live chat. Following the discussion, the audience is normally given the opportunity to ask questions in a Q&A session.

Webinars have been prevalent since long, but they became an integral part of a digital marketing strategy in 2020 and now in 2021. If we put it simply, webinars are a part of virtual events.

Webinars have a long way to go, from imparting useful information to presenting product demos to attendees all around the world. It’s developed into a potent digital marketing platform for creating more eligible leads.

Custom webinar technologies enable you to reach a large range of people from all over the country. Live, automatic, and sequence webinars, as well as on-demand webinars, are all available with a virtual webinar network, which isn’t possible with in-person sessions. Many companies have benefited from it because it provides limitless opportunities to link and extend their global presence.

Many roadblocks exist in physical conferences, such as geographical barriers or space limits. Webinars absolutely magnify all of the roadblocks and restrictions that come with in-person gatherings. As a virtual webinar site, you can accommodate an unlimited number of attendees from anywhere in the world.It allows participants from all around the country to join in real-time meetings, increasing enrollment, interest, and interaction. You can capture virtual webinar sessions using virtual webinar facilities. It helps those who were unable to participate to watch it on demand. Traveling, booking a location, parking, recruiting workers, and other costs associated with webinars are greatly increased.

Another advantage of live webinar services is that they monitor useful data and offer a comprehensive update on the attendee’s digital footprint. It assists in the execution of a detailed case report in order to determine the event’s progress.

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of interactive webinar options, now is the time to do so. Take advantage of the various solutions and features they offer to enhance your experience.


A virtual event is unlike any physical event taking place online over a web-based solution in a digital environment is known as an online event. Attendees from across the world can now attend any meeting or conference from the comfort of their home and seamlessly connect and network with other participants, speakers, and hosts in real-time.

Virtual events are trending in the new normal to overcome the barriers involved in organising an in-person event. Right from geographical constraints to limitation in terms of space  and huge costs involved in traveling, food and venue virtual events overcomes all. 

Digital event technologies are being used by advertisers all over the world to extend their presence and improve participation. It’s also the go-to digital media platform for event planning. Digital events have a wide variety of opportunities that conventional in-person events cannot match.

It not only allows guests to attend an event from afar, but it also provides opportunities for participation and increased ROI. An environmentally sustainable solution for organizing activities supports Mother Earth by eliminating greenhouse emissions and waste collection during each physical event.

An integrated virtual event network provides participants with engaging tools and features that help them have a more immersive event experience. Online events allow people to communicate and connect in real time through one-on-one or community chats using live audio/video/text. The platform’s interactive tools, such as live polling, Q&A sessions, surveys, games, and quizzes, keep attendees engrossed during the event.

Digital event services can help with anything from recurring gatherings to organizing conventions, trade shows, exhibitions, career fairs, webinars, and more. The best thing is that you can extend the immersive event for as many days as you want.

Over to you

Virtual events and virtual webinars both hold their importance and I’ll consider them both as show-stealer. Remember choosing the best interactive event technology is important when you’re hosting a webinar or an online event. Both aid in providing attendees with immersive experiences. What is beneficial to you is decided by your market priorities. Take a look at both to see if you can build seamless immersive environments!