Fan Club Website Like OnlyFans

During difficult situations like the pandemic where people were no longer able to move out of their homes, entertainment was the much-needed remedy to the stressed mind. That is when the entertainment apps saw a huge rise in popularity. Content creators consistently came up with many new ideas to keep people entertained and to spread awareness. There are many social media platforms, but there are very few apps that allow users to choose their favorite content creator or influencer and follow them regularly Using fan club website like onlyfans.

What is OnlyFans, and how to develop an app like OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a subscription-based content sharing platform where users can subscribe to their favorite content and follow them persistently. Content creators get funds directly from their fans via monthly subscription or one-time tips and also by pay per view feature. There are certain strategies that ought to be followed before developing an app like OnlyFans, which are discussed in the upcoming passages.

Market Research:

To develop an app, a deep understanding of the target audience is very important. Sincere market research can aid you in achieving this. Take a set of audiences from different parts of the locality and conduct a survey based on the features of your app. Collect the data and analyze what they want. By adding the features that benefit the users will always make you stand out from other apps.

Define Objective:

Upon successful completion of market research, you will be able to implement many new ideas in your app. Too much of anything is equal to nothing. And so, keep it simple. Instead of having multiple objectives, have one clearly defined objective while developing your own OnlyFans clone app. 

Know your Competitors:

As the name indicates, analyze the strategies and business models followed by your competitors. Explore the features of their app and file a detailed record of the workflow. This can help you to eliminate the mistakes made by them and implement new features that can potentially gain a vast user base.

Develop your OnlyFans clone app:

Get your hands on onlyfans like app development that can potentially throb the hearts of zillions of people. The OnlyFans clone script consists of the exact features and functionalities similar to that of the parent app. 

As a cherry on the cake, the customizability of the app is vast. Therefore you can develop a tailor-made app with innovative features. There are certain key features that are vital to adding to your app to provide a smooth user experience. 

Fan Club Website Like OnlyFans

Let’s explore those key features of the app,

Social Sharing:

The social sharing feature allows the users to share the link of posts of their favorite content creator to other social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This works as an easy marketing tool. This brings your app to the attention of a wide range of audiences.

Go live:

The content creators can expand their fan base by interacting with them via live streaming. The fans can send their message in the comment section of the live streaming. The whole live streaming session is saved on the influencer’s page so that the viewers can watch it anytime later.

PPV messaging:

The content creators can take advantage of deciding on the charge for each content. Therefore, the users can utilize the pay-per-view message feature to request personalized content. This feature allows the users to send messages and connect with their favorite creator or icon in the app.


There are some predetermined tipping values available in the app that allows the users to pay tips to their favorite video or content creator. The users can tip by tapping on the tipping button.

Top fans badge:

Reward the soulful user base by providing them with digital badges and additional perks like access to exclusive content. This can retain the existing users in your app and also increase more traffic.

Fundraising campaigns:

The content creator influences a lot of people. And so, during any calamities or issues, the content creators can organize fundraising campaigns via the app to collect funds and also to spread awareness among the people.


How to make your OnlyFans clone app a monetizing tool?

There are multiple ways to generate money using a white label onlyfans clone, of which a few commons methods are discussed below,

Subscription model:

The basic features of the app can be enjoyed by the users for free, whereas advanced features can be utilized upon subscription with a certain amount. You can also offer your users various subscription levels at different costs with ascending features so that they can choose the right one. Users can subscribe to the app on a monthly or yearly basis. This contributes a steady income to the app.

Live stream:

The fans pay tips to the creators to make them do live streaming and interact with their favorite icons. Users can join the streaming session by paying tips to the creator. This allows the content creators to earn bulk money, out of which a part goes to the app owner as a commission.

Premium messaging:

Apart from the consistent money-generating pay-per-view feature, you can also integrate in your app with the premium messaging feature. It allows those soulful fans to send personalized messages to their favorite icons or influencers and get replies from them.

In-app purchasing:

You can allow users to purchase the goods that the creators and icons promote in your app. This can create a reliable option for the users to purchase trusted goods, thus benefiting everyone from creators to brand owners to the app owner. 

Referral Programme:

Enthrall your users by providing them with referral points for each successful registration of a new user using their referral code. This can gain the attention of many users and also helps to expand the user base.

To wrap up,

The entertainment industry is the most stress-relieving platform that people rely on during tough times and also for everyday fun. Hence, getting into the adult Fanclub subscription app can never go wrong. It is high time to get your business on track with the current trend. 

We at TurnkeyTown offer the utmost support throughout the whole development process and help you leverage your business by deploying a tailor-made OnlyFans clone.