Best and Worst Summer Fabrics you must know about

The year’s warmest season is approaching. So ditch the coats and jackets and update your clothing. This is also a great opportunity to play around with different colours and fabrics. You can shop the latest collection of jeans for men online from the best brands. Bright and poppy colours like yellow and red, as well as subtle pastel tints, will instantly update your look for the season. Summer fabrics are also crucial, so choose your selection carefully. The best fabric will keep you cool in the summer, while the worst will make you start sweating.

Best fabrics for summer

Here is our summer fabric guide to make your summers better. The best fabrics for summer are listed here. These materials will brighten up your sunny days considerably. So come down to find out what they are.


Cotton is the ideal summer fabric. The fabric is lightweight, soft, and breathability makes it ideal for hot summer days. It enables air circulation while also absorbing moisture. Cotton materials look better in lighter tones. You can wear it with a tee or blouse and cotton chinos or shorts.


Are you going to the beach? Then you must wear a linen outfit. If cotton is not your thing, linen is a good alternative. The nicest thing about linen is that it keeps you dry while also preventing you from overheating. It is also more durable and more comfortable than cotton. As a result, make sure you have at least one linen shirt in your summer collection. Black jeans men will fit with all types of fabrics, and it is a good combination to wear with linen.


Denim is your thing, but you are seeking something to fill in the gaps this summer? Then chambray is the fabric for you. Chambray is a lighter, softer kind of denim that is weaved differently. So, if you really cannot get enough of denim, try something comparable and cool.

Jogger pants are the best choice to wear in summer as it is more comfortable to wear and it is important to choose a fabric that is both comfortable and light. A fabric will allow air to move through while keeping you cool in hot and humid conditions. And surely, these three fabrics will help you battle the heat.

Worst fabrics for summer

Now you are aware of what to wear in the summer, check out our list of the worst summer materials. You should say no to these fabrics to avoid them at all costs. Let us not waste any more time and look at the worst summer fabrics.


Polyester is widely used in athleisure and sportswear. The major problem with this fabric is that it is extremely sturdy and weather resistant. It collects sweat and turns into a sweaty person’s worst nightmare. Polyester garments should be avoided in your closet for summer. Polyester is one fabric that you should avoid in the summer. This fabric holds sweat and repels moisture, making it a less-than-ideal summer cloth.


In the summer, you will need something that flows well and keeps you cool all day. Nylon, on the other hand, would have the exact opposite effect. Because nylon is a synthetic material, heat and sweat are trapped on the skin, creating irritation and discomfort.


Acrylic, like nylon, falls under the category of “worst summer fabrics.” Because the material is often hot, it is best to avoid wearing it in the summer. 


Fleece is constructed of polyester, making it ideal for the winter but unsuitable for the summer. It will retain heat and moisture, making it extremely hot and unsuitable for the current summer season. Certain lightweight wool fabrics labelled as “summer wool” may be acceptable in hot weather, but fleece is made of polyester and has all of the summer drawbacks, such as moisture trapping and poor ventilation. 

The end line

In the summer, there are a few materials that will make you uncomfortable and sweaty. But that is not what you want. Despite the hot and humid conditions, you want to seem cool. So stay away from these fabrics and invest in the best. Hence this information is useful and that your summer is more pleasurable.