1100 kva diesel generator

One of the core requirements that every business has is a power backup. The productivity of the business is highly dependent on the power backup as without the electricity, various operations that require it would be highly affected. But what is the size of the generator that your business may require? Is it a 1600 kVA or 2200 kVA diesel generator

What about the variation that comes in a 2750 kVA diesel generator? Is that good enough for your business? There are a lot more questions that might be popping in your head right now. Well, this blog will solve the mystery of selecting the right size of the diesel generator as per your industry requirement. 

Address The Elephant In The Room – Business’s Power Requirement

There are a lot of factors that could determine the requirement of the power of your business. The business owns a lot of electrical assets to accomplish various tasks. Upon the power blackout, these power backups must satisfy the requirement of the power by the most essential of this equipment to keep the function running without impacting the productivity of the business. 

Listing out all such equipment that may require power from the backup source would give you a clear idea of what power is required to choose from the available options of the diesel generators. Ensure that you also know the power required in Watts as it may be different based on the voltage requirements. 

1100 kva diesel generator

Starting Wattage And Running Wattage

Let us dive deep into the different wattage requirements of the electrical equipment. 

The starting wattage is the extra wattage of power that the equipment would utilise to get started. The running wattage is the power that is utilised by the equipment to smoothly function until switched off. 

Upon listing the equipment that you need to operate even in power back, you make sure that you record the wattage for the equipment clearly so that you would not overburden the generator. 

After calculating the total power requirement, shortlist all the diesel generators that seem to satisfy the power requirement of your business. 

Make sure to select the generator with a higher capacity of power generation than what is required. This would ensure that you would not overburden the diesel generator if you missed out to count the power requirement of any of the equipment accidentally or have recently added any new equipment. 

What would be the benefit of selecting the right size of generator?

One of the major perks to selecting the right size of generator for your business is to dodge the unexpected non-functioning of the generator at the time when it is required the most. The efficiency of the generator is maintained, and also its longevity. 

So if your business needs are best aligned to a 1100 kva diesel generator or 2750 kVA diesel generator, make sure that you buy it and do not settle with a less kVA generator as it would leave you in the pit of expensive repairs and maintenance.