There are different models of network marketing, all of which are based on the principle of hierarchy. Network marketing software is the core link of MLM and multilevel marketing, which has the ability to execute a variety of plans.

Software features

  • Every marketer in the user panel can see the genealogy or genealogy, but the accounting related to the genealogy at any time in real time shows a transparent account that is separated in each category and by clicking on it displays the sub-categories and Separates the total amount of the branch for each marketer or its sub-branches
  • Each marketer can only navigate their sub-categories and no information is seen from other marketers that are not in the category.
  • In an MLM software, all payment steps are settled nationwide, and after settling the account, all purchases are removed from the commission mode and the resulting amount is settled for the marketer.
  • Linked network marketing software can be used in sales and retail networks. It is available in the form of a web, web-based, or Internet application. All marketers and agents can work with this software over the Internet.
  • High speed and unparalleled performance of MLM software from the best MLM software development company in India has made it different and incomparable with other available versions.
  • The products that can be sold are defined in terms of network marketing, and marketers make an accurate and fast connection in an interconnected hierarchy.
  • Introducing the number of levels in this software is unlimited and according to the company’s needs, the possibility of changing the levels of receiving commissions’ changes.
  • List of latest marketers added at each level of your affiliate. In this feature, if a new user enters your level 10, the profile – parent number – and its level relative to the current user along with first and last name can be seen.
  • Move a branch in a branch: This feature allows the network administrator to insert a strong team into a subset of an individual or group of positions and make that set stronger. Suppose you want to include an active group in a particular person’s subset. In this way, thousands of marketers are retained by retaining the structure and pedigree of the person in question and that person will benefit from their activities in Funding.
  • Ability to display pedigree graphically with the image of the marketer
  • Reporting sections include (Most active people in my network – Settlement list of accounts you have been paid for
  • Add CRM section to the network – In this feature, users can inform each other in groups about holding a training or conference in their user panel, if needed. Or they can send a ticket to manage.
  • After settling the account at the end of the month, all commissions can remain in the account of each marketer before being deposited in the market account of the marketer and the marketer can buy from your company from the same amount received. Software development services India makes it sure to provide you the best MLM software. This also causes the liquidity of the company account balance. You do not log out of your bank account.