digital marketing

Today, there is a lot of discussion on internet marketing. As a result, it is only natural to wonder what are the different types of digital marketing, how they work and who uses them.

Digital marketing isn’t just a new buzzword tossed around at online network events. You have to learn the various types of digital marketing in your control. You have to use these techniques and productive thinking to survive in a world of fierce digital competition and carve out a unique niche in the crowd. To do that, you should be aware of the major types of digital marketing.

Purpose of digital marketing:

In today’s marketing world, almost every businessman and marketing executive has been introduced to the idea of digital marketing. It has become quite a popular tool for advertising companies to advertise their products and services. Digital marketing is basically using the power of the internet to reach out to consumers. This is done through a combination of various online marketing tools like email, search engine optimization, blogs, online media buying and mobile apps. The purpose of digital marketing is to increase website traffic, to attract new customers and to develop brand recognition amongst existing customers.

Types of digital marketing:

As earlier mentioned, there are several types of digital marketing that are being used by businesses around the world. Some of these types include the following: Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, E-marketing, Virals, Social Media, Video, Banner, Live Stream and Mobile Web advertising. Each of these provides its own advantages to your business depending upon your life hacks and objectives. It is therefore important for you to choose the right type of digital marketing for your business.

Search Engine Marketing:

One of the most commonly used types of online marketing is Search Engine Marketing. This is basically using the power of Google and Yahoo! to promote your product or service in an effort to drive more traffic to your website.

It may not come as a surprise if we were to say that the overwhelming majority of people who visit the web are avid users of Google and Yahoo! This makes search engine marketing one of the most successful and effective online advertising techniques. This method of promoting your online business has been proven to be quite effective when done correctly. With the help of a properly executed search engine marketing campaign, you will get positive results in no time. You will be able to increase the number of visitors to your website, thereby, increasing your visibility and thus, your sales.

Pay Per Click:

Another type of online advertising strategy is Pay Per Click, which is also known as PPC marketing. If done correctly, this form of marketing can be very lucrative. However, unlike search engine marketing, this form of marketing has much lower advertising costs as compared to other types. So, if you want to invest in effective pay per click marketing campaign, it would be wise to look into the option of search engine marketing.

Social media marketing:

The third category, short-term strategies, include Instagram, Facebook, twitter, YouTube and other social media marketing platforms. In Instagram, users can share photos and post comments. On Facebook, businesses can use fan pages to let customers become fans. By posting comments in forums, Facebook fans will know that the business exists.

Television advertising:

The next category is targeted ads. These are ads that are geared towards capturing the demographic of the customer. For example, if you are selling shoes, you could develop a website that features shoes that are specifically manufactured for a certain gender, price range, and style. In this strategy, targeted ads are better than general ads because they are tailored to what the consumer is looking for. Another example is television advertising. Television advertising is very expensive because it targets the entire population.


Digital marketing has evolved from traditional forms of advertising. Although print marketing may not be dead, it is clearly moving to the forefront of businesses’ resources. Companies should consider all of their available resources before choosing which strategy to utilize. If one type of strategy doesn’t work for a company, then another might be a better choice.