At present, an e-learning model takes education to a new level. Also, many businesses consider training as an important investment for building a connection between talent development and organizational performance. There are many top e-learning companies in India that are well-known for their excellent features and are highly appreciated too. Hence, in this post, we are giving you a list of the best features of an E-learning Management System.

# Features of an E-learning Management System

  • Operative user management

To stream the whole training process, various roles such as Admin, Manager, Learner, and others, are assigned within a Learning Management System. An administrator is a top-level user, with the capability to create and assign training courses, manage users, customize colors, and many more. Whereas, when learners logs in to the system then they can see the status of all past, current, and future training programs. Additionally, learners can manage their profiles, check their overall progress, etc.

  • Self Registration

Learning Management systems have a self-enlistment or auto-select element where they can register themselves. Also, students examine the online course inventory and choose an eLearning course as per their needs.

  • Gamification

The top 10 e-learning companies in India have a Gamification feature that can turn to learn into a friendly competition. In an e-learning system, there are different types of gaming elements, like scores, leader boards, and badges. It games to make content more interesting as well the reward system boosts the overall learner engagement and knowledge retention.

  • KPI-driven learning

LMSs also support automated e-learning delivery by connecting training courses with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). A well-organized e-learning system can be integrated with existing systems that may include Dealer Management Systems, Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Sales Performance Systems, and others. The Key Performance Indicators dashboard for admins helps to monitor individual workplace performance according to the derived results from various systems.

  • Asynchronous learning

One of the best features of LMS for improving engagement is asynchronous learning. This means learners don’t have to be present at a fixed time for a lecture or to talk with a teacher. It has combining videos, messaging, online readings, and question/answer forums where learners can engage with the content on their own timelines that assist promote buy-in as well as improve return.

  • Assessment engine

An assessment engine enables the admin to form a question bank that includes fill in the blanks, multiple-choice questions, true or false, match the following, and many more. So, based on the questions the Learning Management System automatically generates assessments for learners efficiently. In addition to this, learners can access those assessments easily and on overall scores and progress, they get immediate feedback from the trainer as well.

# Final Words 

Before choosing an e-learning system, you must look for its features, functionalities, as well as overall user experience. The top 10 e-learning companies in India have new-age learning management systems and safety certification updates too. Thus, we hope that this post will surely help you in knowing more about the top features of e-learning management systems.