AWS training in Chennai

In the digital era, cloud computing forms an integral part of the entire system. Organizations prefer individuals with cloud computing skills to contribute towards transforming business. When it comes to the cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) plays a crucial role in understanding the basics of cloud networks and leverage industrial growth. And to achieve this, AWS certification training is the need of the hour. It helps build your skills to enable you to get more out of the cloud network. 

AWS training is offered in most cities in the form of both digital and classroom coaching. Amongst other cities, Chennai is also equally equipped with AWS training facilities. AWS certification helps you in building specific IT skills, sharpening your cloud knowledge, and making you a cloud specialist. 

Digital Training Method

In the digital or virtual AWS training in Chennai, you get to explore hundreds of built-in AWS digital courses that are self-paced and offer you enhanced learning. Whether it’s about developing new ideas or sharpening your existing skills, the training helps you to reach your goal in the best possible way. 

The training involves real-world experiences and techniques that make you industry-ready to accept any challenge at your workspace. 

The digital courses on AWS include the following:

#1. AWS Cloud Practitioner Course –

This course is for individuals seeking a deep understanding of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud as a whole. It offers you AWS cloud concepts, AWS services, security, pricing, architecture, and support to give you an overall cloud knowledge. Furthermore, it prepares you for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner examination through video presentations, live demonstrations, resource links as well as knowledge checks. 

Through this course, you will be able to summarize the working principle of AWS and find the differences between on-premises, hybrid-cloud and all-in cloud. Besides, the entire course provides you with a basic global infrastructure of the AWS cloud. Moreover, you can also learn about the various benefits of AWS, the definition of the core AWS services, and also identify an appropriate solution for cases using AWS cloud. The AWS Cloud practitioner course also throws light on vital concepts such as core billing, account management, pricing models, AWS cloud migration, and more. 

#2. AWS Security Fundamentals –

The AWS security fundamentals course introduces you to the AWS cloud security concepts, including AWS access control, data encryption, and secure network access to your AWS infrastructure. The course is mainly intended for IT professionals at the business level, as well as security professionals with minimal AWS knowledge. 

Through this course, you can identify the key security benefits and responsibilities while using the AWS cloud. Moreover, you also get to unravel various features of AWS, such as control & management, security logging & monitoring, AWS resource management, and more. Furthermore,  concepts like data center security, DDoS mitigation, compliance & governance, detective controls, incident response, data protection, cloud security, AWS entry points, etc., are covered in the course. 

#3. Job Roles in the Cloud –

Here, you learn about the conventional job roles applicable to an enterprise-level cloud environment. This course is mainly targeted at business decision-makers and people involved in the cloud as well as on-premises job roles. The course lets you identify the job roles in a cloud environment. At the same time, it helps you in understanding the comparison between on-premises job roles and that of the cloud network. Furthermore, you gain knowledge about the basics of laC, its benefits, and its effects on the division of job responsibilities. 

#4. Fundamentals of Amazon Simple Storage Service –

This course is exclusively for cloud architects, storage architects, developers, and operational engineers. Here, you learn the fundamentals of how to start using Amazon Simple Storage Services (Amazon S3). The course lets you know about the key elements of Amazon S3 and how to configure them. You also get to learn the method of uploading data to Amazon S3 and the additional services that you can use to transfer data to Amazon S3. All in all, you can explore the integration of Amazon S3 with other services and also gain hands-on experience through one or more self-paced labs. Furthermore, the essential components of cloud environments, such as data security, access control, data encryption, etc., are also guided through this course.

#5. Cloud Acquisition Fundamentals –

Cloud acquisition is all about buying the AWS cloud, and this course provides you in-depth knowledge about the entire procurement strategy from scratch. You get to explore the best cloud acquisition practices, the benefits of working with the AWS Partner Network, and ways to overcome the common challenges. Through a complete series of videos, exercises, and assessments, you get to build cloud acquisition strategies, identify their effects on your organization as well as get introduced to various buying approaches. You also develop a clear understanding of how to apply each way in the context of frameworks, existing contracts, and dynamic purchasing systems. Through this course, recognizing the value proposition of cloud service providers becomes easier.

#6. Data Analytics Fundamentals –

Through this self-paced course, you get to identify different data analysis solutions and their characteristics. It also enables you to define various types of data, such as structured & semi-structured data as well as unstructured ones. Besides, various data storage types such as data lakes, AWS lake formation, data warehouses, and the Amazon S3 are also covered in the course. 

The best part of AWS training in Chennai is that it is available in a wide range of languages and provides practical hands-on experience besides theoretical knowledge. Thus, it is an extensive training course that empowers you with overall cloud knowledge and contributes towards large-scale industrial development.